Corrupt Mask of Control WIP

Part of a thingy I have to do for my Art subject.

Basically, I'm going to redo a lot of this, most obviously; Make the horn/tusks larger/longer, and alter the mouth/jaw area, primarily to fit in more symbols.

Enjoy or somethin, idk


It looks like the Mask of Control got fused with Ichigo's hollow mask from Bleach...

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The teeth remind me of some, I don't know what.

This is fantastic! I could defiantly see this on Umarak the Destroyer!

The thing on the chin looks like a goatee to me :stuck_out_tongue:

This is pretty neat.

Looks great!

It's like if the mask of control was in FNaF 4. I like it.

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Looking good so far! Can't wait to see the finished result.

Extremely terrifying.
Nice job, I suppose...

Ok time for nightmares

It's giving of a mask of control meets obelisk the tormentor feel. Great work.

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This looks amazing, It really reminds me of this:

From Crash of the Titans

Looks amazing. I'm inspired as hek right now.