Cosrahk, Lord of Blue Flames

The brightest of flames, corrupted by the foulest of shadows.

Toro was once a Ta-Matoran living on Artakha. The island’s ruler saw potential in Toro and transformed him into a toa. As Artakha was a very safe place, Toro was not needed as a guardian and instead devoted much of his time to understanding the nature of his powers and refining them into his characteristic blue flames. He was even able to access some Spirit elemental powers.

He was later sent to Korrothis, home of the Elemental Council, to train further and to train other toa of fire alongside the island’s resident Archons of Fire.

When Teridax took over the Matoran Universe, Ta-Nui Delnok and his archons violently opposed the rest of the Elemental Council’s decision to flee the Matoran Universe, ultimately leading to their being marooned on the Northern Continent as Korrothis blasted a hole in the Great Spirit Robot’s chest, destabilising the universe’s balance of elements as it did so.

Delnok and his archons remained and fought Teridax’s forces, and for a while they kept their ground - until Toro was captured.
A prodigy with his fire powers, Toro had little combat experience and was quickly separated from the group. His raw power was perfect for a new plan Teridax was putting into motion.

Teridax took Toro and combined his body with Antidermis and Rahi parts to create Cosrahk - the King Rahkshi, far superior to any others he had created. Stripped of his willpower, Cosrahk was given purpose in commanding its own rahkshi army. Its first test was to destroy its former master and team-mates, which it did with devastating ease.

Cosrahk remained commander of Teridax’s forces for five years. Occasionally, flashes of his old life would come to haunt him, but Teridax was swift to silence those memories when they did. When the time came to launch the attack on Bara-Magna, Cosrahk led his horde of Rahkshi, Rahi and other monstrosities against the allied forces of the Amu-Skrall, Vampirik, Korrokoa and Glatorian.

After Teridax was defeated, there was nothing to stop Toro’s memories flooding back. He retreated into the ruins of the Matoran Universe, seeking solace. He remained this way until Gloriana found him and persuaded him to join her cause. Glossing over the rahk part of his name, she gave him a nickname: Cossy.

This is the Cyclic Plane version of my friend Ben Cossy’s self-MOC, made in 2013.
A more dark, monstrous take on the character since the storyline does involve him being created by Teridax and all.

The torso is really wierd and built out of these and these. Lower arms loosely based off a design by Shadowgear6335.


Eh, it’s Cossy!

I like the look of this. I feel that maybe there’s not enough blue, but overall I think the parts usage is excellent, as is the build!

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Okay, I feel like there need to be more blue flames.
The structure is fine, it just lacks colors.

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You should put more blue but cool self moc

I don’t think that mask morks too well with the rest of the moc however till amazing :smiley:
love that back

I love that leg design, the circular bits on the joints were an interesting choice, giving them the impression of ratcheted joints.

The torso is a bit iffy though…I agree with everyone else in which there needs to be more flow in the blue going into the black, because as of now the blue just seems tacked on. Perhaps adding on some trans blue around each of the solid blue parts would make him feel infused with energy

Really dig the use of parts here, especially the backhoe buckets!

Shoulder wheels definitely didn’t help to inspire Poaki.

Edited for pun.

It’s looks good, especially the leg design, but it could use some more blue.

Ooooiii Cossy

He’s big, he’s bad, and he’s a mean lean fighting machine!

Love the detail put in the legs and torso, though both could use a bit more color to counter all the black. I’m not one to usually include story into MOC critique, but with the PM wheels and scoops combined with the excessive black I’m getting more of an earth/rocky vibe opposed to a fiery one.

I’m also not a fan of the clunky forearms, I think they could also use a little work.

Overall though this is a fantastic MOC!

This is awesome!