Cossy the Blue Warrior

Remake of this MOC for 2018 Secret Santa challenge.


Amazing, as always, I LOVE the colors and the shaping is great

The shaping flows beautifully over the entirety of the model. Too beautifully, in fact, which is something I never thought I’d say, but there’s a certain roughness to the aesthetic of the Surge 1.0 mask which is lost amidst all the perfect curves and flush pieces.

The hands remind me of a very similar technique I made for a MOC which as of yet hasn’t been posted on the message boards but has seen the light of day. The shaping really is excellent, especially the usage of the Galidor, although the proportions of the legs (especially the varying bulkiness) is a bit distracting from the flow of the model. And the head itself seems incredibly small compared to everything else, possibly due to the neck being so long. The orange was a bold choice to throw in as another secondary to the yellow, but I think it worked out well enough without being too conflicting.

Excellent work!

The orange highlights are so… sniff beautiful.
Dude, this is freaking amazing! it’s so smooth and detailed and just SO DARN GOOD! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

I’ve never seen a MOC this smooth and just this… humanoid before, if that makes sense. It’s fascinating.