Could a LEGO Ideas Project Save Bionicle/Constraction?

I have been thinking this for a while… We have a tone of very talented MOCers in the Bionicle community, but I almost never see anyone trying to submit their MOCs to LEGO Ideas. Just think about it. Maybe someone can make a Bionicle-style MOC (maybe something that appears in the story, but not as an actual set) using CCBS and other common parts. Then he can submit his project to LEGO Ideas, and try to get the whole community to support the project, until it gets the 10.000 supporters required to be moved into the review stage. Whether LEGO will accept the set or not is hard to say… but as long as it respects the rules implied by LEGO Ideas, I don’t see why they wouldn’t. If let’s say, the set gets officially released by LEGO and it sells well… who knows? LEGO might reconsider the fate of Bionicle (or constraction, at the very least).
What do you think? Would such a project be possible?


Considering how most things on Ideas go, it’s highly unlikely any set would reach 10,000 supporters. I don’t even think you could achieve more than 100 supporters off the Boards.

I remember this being talked about before, but I don’t remember where or when. But I do believe it’s always been fairly apparent that Bionicle wasn’t viable as an Ideas set.


Has been any Bionicle submission that I am not aware of?[quote=“PakariNation99, post:2, topic:49772”]
I don’t even think you could achieve more than 100 supporters off the Boards.

From the boards, yeah, probably. But maybe if you somehow convince TTV to support the project by promoting it on YouTube, I think you might be able to gather at least a few thousand supporters.

Not any that I know of, but Ideas isn’t primarily for themes that have already been LEGO sets. Considering the fact that the set designer gets some royalties off the sales, LEGO isn’t going to pay a fan for a set from their own IP.

They also have restrictions already on certain IPs, including those already made or owned by Ideas and themes LEGO already licenses. It’s safe to assume Bionicle falls under a similar category even if it isn’t expressly stated.

Fair point, but even at their best it might result in maybe 2-3 thousand. Not saying it’s impossible, but I still find 10,000 supporters highly unlikely.


Well, we did get sets from properties they already own, such as the recently released Steamboat Willie. If they wanted to, they could have easily released that set even without LEGO Ideas.

Even if let’s say they reject Bionicle, what would happen with just a regular Constraction submission?

There have been a few. Mainly Xendor’s Bionicle: The Return Projects.

Though there were more back before the redesign (back when Ideas was still Cussoo), Not long before the redesign, they started shutting down Bionicle and other Bring-Back-Theme-X type projects. They Stated that the Purpose of Cussoo was not to bring back themes, or create themes, but to allow the community to make the sets it wants.

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Well, what if you use this project just to get a single standard constraction set rather than bring back the whole theme.

Weirdly enough, quite a few themes were created as a result of Ideas projects, most notably Minecraft and Ghostbusters.

Now that IS a possiblity, but there have been very few unique constraction theme ideas out there. Most of them was focused around Bio or HF. The only unique one, Which I have followed since it began, was a project by Bunyip.

yeah, But they meant original themes. The best we can hope for is set that is Constraction, but is a one off. Like say a Sauron set.


Well, we get new Constraction MOCs every day posted on this site that have little to no connection to Bionicle or HF, so I don’t see why some of those MOCs shouldn’t be submitted.

That’s kinda what I meant.

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I need this.

Good luck finding 10,000 supporters, but I would probably be one of them.


the closest thing I could find was this.

That is a pretty lame MOC to be honest. We need one worthy of the title.

I did find this on the depths of the boards.

Probably not

Even though LEGO allows ideas of their existing IPs to be part of the program, there’s no way that they’re going to revive one of their old ones based on an Ideas project. I don’t even think they’d use an Ideas project to gauge interest. Constraction is pretty dead, and the only way BIONICLE will return is if it gets rebooted into a system theme, but with all the similarities between it and NinjaGo, there’s not really a valid reason to do so.





At best you could get TTV to talk about it, but support it? even the massive amount of coverage RSG was getting doesn’t count as an endorsement. There’s a greater chance that LEGO will buy the rights to produce Brickonicle from TTV than there is of TTV endorsing a set concept on LEGO Ideas with their support.[quote=“prentice1215, post:16, topic:49772”]
Constraction is pretty dead, and the only way BIONICLE will return is if it gets rebooted into a system theme, but with all the similarities between it and NinjaGo, there’s not really a valid reason to do so.

LEGO could always make a movie, but that has the chance to just tick off the entirety of the fanbase. And plus, a LEO Ideas project is one set, so even if something constraction got through, it’d only be for one set.

And technically, with the release of the Exo Suit, that’s what we got.

There have been plenty of Construction Ideas projects. Most of them are incredibly poorly built. And the few that are well done have been lucky to even make it to 100 supporters.

Here’s some fun facts. There are about 200 projects now that have generated enough supporters to make it to the Lego review stage. To keep it simple, we’ll keep it at 200. Now of those 200 projects, around 39 of them have been original or non-licensed ideas. So if your project is not based on an existing property, you have less than a 20% chance of it getting all the support you need.

Then you look at the sets that actually made it. Of the 29 that have made it all the way into the set stage, only 9 of them were of those original ideas. So even if you made it to the review stage, you have a 31% chance of becoming a set.

And if you look at something like the Pop-Up Book set, the creators of it have hundreds of thousands of subscribers to their Youtube channel. If I recall correctly, their video got over a hundred thousand views at minimum within the first week of announcing their project to their subscribers. They could have gained all the support it needed within 24 hours, a week no less! It took months. Months for it to gain the support it need. Three to four months for someone with enough advertisement and viewership to get it all within a week’s time. Even in Constraction’s best hopes and dreams it would not stand a chance.


Which in itself is very small since Brickonicle is BIONICLE fanfiction and LEGO still holds the rights to 99.9% of the characters minus Voriki.

LEGO could blatantly rip off every Brickonicle concept created either by the Brainstorm Podcast or people like Sokoda and they’d win any sort of copyright infringement case presented to them if by some miracle it even went to trial and wasn’t thrown out or settled out of court first.

So yeah, more evidence to support LEGO Ideas not going to be what revives constraction. :joy:


Why not? Everyone wants Constraction to return in some way, shape or form, so I don’t see why TTV wouldn’t do what they can to help. Heck, maybe you could convince Ven to be the one to make the MOC for the project.
I mean seriously, a LEGO Ideas Project has a much higher chance of happening than Brickonikle or whatever other fan project people are trying to pitch to LEGO. [quote=“prentice1215, post:16, topic:49772”]
Constraction is pretty dead,

Well, that is the thing. Though it might be dead in LEGO’s eyes, it’s certainly not dead among the fans of it.
So yeah, maybe try to submit a Licensed MOC such as that Sauron, and if it gets the support it needs, LEGO would have no reason to not make it. It might not be Bionicle, but hey, it might be the only way we could keep constraction alive.[quote=“prentice1215, post:19, topic:49772”]
So yeah, more evidence to support LEGO Ideas not going to be what revives constraction

The true question is… Has been any large scale, true project worthy of being submitted? From I saw, not really. So we can’t make assumptions before we even tried it. If we make the project, gather all the support it needs, and still fail miserably, than only then we will be able to say that.

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