Could a Toa of Plantlife control Visorak webs?

Title says it all. Certainly looks like some kind of jungle vine.

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If Visorak webs are in fact webs, at the very least in that they are produced by the Visorak themselves, I’d say no. In that case, they wouldn’t be considered plantlife.


I see. That would be sad. Would be nice if an experienced Toa of the Green could wrap up the Visorak in an instant, the same way the latter wrap up their victims.

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Yeah, but Visorak webbing isn’t a plant. So they wouldn’t be able to control it.
But yeah, that would be pretty satisfying.


Lianas would get the job done.

Of course not, they are webs.


If your question stemmed from the movies, it’s easy to understand your confusion. More likely than not, they probably used the same assets for both the vines and Visorak webs, just to save time and cost of production. Although the green webbing is canon, so take that as you will.

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The question was indeed based on the movies as mentioned by Kanohi_Cantri. Based on those I don’t think it was THAT obvious.

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