Could Bionicle 2015 have a Lego Universe-esque game?

So I saw this picture

And I had one thought: That's looking a lot like Lego Universe. For those that don't know what it is, it's basiclly a really awesome Lego MMORPG that was shut down due to lack of funds.

Anyway, it might mean a multiplayer MNOG or just a better MNOG in terms of graphics(even if I'd prefer the old one).

So what's your opinion on the matter?


While it would be beyond awesome, I don't think Lego would go that route again.

Actually they have recently with Chima and stuff... so maybe!


this does remind me a bit of Chima Fire vs Ice line but I really, really love the Story so far, I love how we are meeting a new Villain named Makuta, Not Teridax, the New Makuta and Ekilu or what ever it was Spelled I can't spell it because none of us has seen the spelled as but maybe you guys have but this is a fantastic reboot It has the G1 begining feel, instead Island of Mata Nui and the Toa Stones, we have the Creators of Masks, the Mask of Creation and Makuta. But I have a feeling like in the next 8 or 10 years I don't know but Makuta might have a different name like Teradax did in 2008 for G1 but I don't know but I am looking forward for learning more about it and get the new Sets and it would be cool to have the Mask Of creation Toa and the Makuta character but we shall see.

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I think this is just a very cool poster promoting Bionicle 2015; I doubt Lego would try a MMORPG.


I also set that as a desktop background cus it cool

I don't think there's really any evidence to suggest that this would actually happen... but I suppose the topic title is accurate, since it is technically a possibility, and therefore may happen at some point?




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lego universe wasnt pay to play, you bought it, downloaded it, and played it
like minecraft
at the end of its life cycle, you could play a free version that showed the first couple levels, and then you could buy the rest, if you liked it

so it is NOT pay to play

It was originally a subscription-based game where you had to pay either 1-month. 6-month, or 12-month subscription like Xbox Live. so yes, pay-to-play.

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it was?
woops, still was a great game

I hope this happens...

@Crunchy, @pot8o, LEGO Universe WAS originally solely pay-to-play. Near the end of it's short lifespan they opened up a free-to-play section that allowed limited access. So you're both right... from a certain point of view. stuck_out_tongue

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