Could BIONICLE Work as a Model Kit Line?

Multi-part masks could solve this issue and still be highly interchangeable

Two part masks would also allow for higher customizability


If what you’re talking about is an alternate timeline where Bionicle was manufactured by Bandai, then no, I don’t believe it would have the same success. However, I think fanmade model kits would be a great way to make more detailed and articulated Bionicle figures. I’ve actually been wanting to make some myself, once I get good enough at 3d modeling, and get access to a 3d printer. Of course, they wouldn’t look anything like Gundam figures, as that style doesn’t fit the Bionicle universe in my opinion.

Could it work? Absolutely.

Would it be as successful as G1? Almost certainly not.

Is it realistically possible to see happen? Even less likely, certainly not while Lego holds the licence.

Is it the best thing for the line? No, there are much more efficient ways to breath new life into the franchise.

Would I be for it? Yes, though it would need a solid story + I would need to learn model-making. (Something I’ve considered in the past anyway).

Would it be totally awesome anyway? You bet.

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Speaking from my own experience it’s not much different from legos really. Really all you need are some general clippers to cut the parts and to follow the pictures. Really you just need to pay attention the first time so you don’t break anything fixing a mistake.


Yea, I concur, but like I said earlier, this is more so as a general concept than a reboot idea.

It would be so cool, though.

Which I sadly did.

The neck on my Megatron figure is a little wobbly because I repeatedly attempted to force the head socket into a ball joint too large for it. Turns out, the neck peg was upside-down. I was fitting the socket on the wrong side of the neck and wound up damaging the neck joint.

What I learned is that the ball joints on the instructions look very similar. But now I know.

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