Could other organic Kanohi exist?

We know that the energy from the Red Star made the Toa Inika’s masks organic and sentient on a low level. Is it possible that other organic Kanohi exist? Could more be created? Or were organic masks unique to the Toa Inika?


While truly organic masks were limited to the Inika in the story, there were several characters whose Kanohi were fused to their faces (Karzahni, multiple Dark Hunters, the mutated Toa Metru). In several of these, especially Karzahni, their masks practically became organic due to how fused with their owner’s face they were (the Olisi especially, since it never even got its own part in Karzahni’s mutated appearance, being built from recolored feet instead). These still aren’t actually organic masks, but they’re very close to the Inika masks in appearance.