Could Scott Become The Seventh Ninja?

Season 12 still has yet to air. But the sets have revealed a new character named Scott, who’s apparently a friend of the ninja. And I can’t help wondering if he’s being set up to become a ninja himself. I mean, Skylor was given a ninja form, and PIXAL did become another Samurai X. So maybe Scott could undergo that kind of treatment?

At best, he will be a important role in this season, and maybe appear again in future seasons, like it was happened before with other side characters such as Ronin, Cyrus Borg, etc.
So no, I don’t think he will become the 7th ninja.

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Hard pass, he’d have to get in line behind Dareth and Lil Nelson.


Having watched Prime Empire, I’m surprised his role in the story wasn’t any larger.


Really was a missed opportunity.


While watching the season, I assumed that he was going to turn out to be Milton Dyer.