Could Velika have used a Great or Noble Kanohi?

Hi. A bit of a shot in the dark here, but could Velika, in his Matoran body, have used a Great or Noble Kanohi? I have already done some research into this topic and I have reached the conclusion that it’s still uncertain.
We know that what prevents a Matoran from using a Great or Noble Kanohi is that they lack the mental discipline to access the powers. In other words, there is nothing physical stopping them from accessing Kanohi powers, only a mental block.
We also know that Glatorian, in their default form, cannot access Kanohi powers [1] [2].
So this leads me to the question - does Velika have the mental discipline required to access the powers of a Great or Noble Kanohi? We know that he cannot access the powers of his current mask, but this is first and foremost because it is a powerless mask [3]. But he is currently in a body that can physically access the powers of a Kanohi, and he may have the mental capacity required to interface with it. If Velika were to, hypothetically, put on a Great Kanohi, while in his Matoran body, would he be able to use its powers?

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This quote seems to imply that the only thing stopping Velika from using his Komau is the fact that it was powerless:

It’s far from conclusive, but you could interpret this quote to mean that he is capable of using Kanohi powers, even in his Matoran body.

We aren’t quite sure what’s going on in Velika’s head, but we know that it’s more complicated than Velika simply copying his mind into Matoran hardware. Otherwise, he’d be able to be revived on the Red Star, which we know he can’t. So, even if “mental discipline” is a hardware limitation, Velika may not have standard hardware.


Yeah, that quote specifically is why I consider this to still be an open question. In fact, I cited it in the post.

Fair enough. What I was getting at is that if he can in fact use Kanohi, it wouldn’t be because of the “greater mind” of a Great Being. It would have to be Velika specifically modifying the Matoran body to be able to do that. Seeing as Velika uses powerless mask anyway, it seems unlikely he bothered with it.
Velika does not need Kanohi anyway.

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