Cowboy Bebop

Its my personal favorite anime. (Not that theirs much competition)

Lets talk about it. (Or wait for this topic to die in less then a day.)


I really like Cowboy Bebop. I particularly like Spike, his character is really nice. The episodes are nice also, and I’ve seen them all at least 10 times. The sound track is also really nice too. One of my favorite Anime I’ve seen to this day.

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I’m not a big anime person, but I’ve actually never heard of this anime before.

breaths deeply :persevere:

Don’t spoil it! Gosh!

Bebop is my favourite anime if you don’t take films into concideration. This one’s a must-watch. And could we just agree that Cowboy DAndy is the best character?

I love Corgis!



Ive been catching up on old classics that I have never seen and this was first on my list and holy crap it’s really good! For some reason I had pretty low expectations and didn’t expect the all of the praise to reflect the shows actual quality and wow I was wrong…

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Its a good show that I can recommend to people that don’t really like anime and they’ll still enjoy it.

I’ve seen the first four episodes and I really like the style and music. I’m not usually that into anime but I love this show.

I have only one question: why is it titled Cowboy Bebop??

The short answer is that in future, bounty hunters are called cowboys (because the solar system is a lawless wild west) and the characters own a spaceship called the Bebop. The title is also apt because the soundtrack is full of jazz


Ok, that makes sense. Why do I feel like that plot has been stolen??

The show is heavily influenced by both Western and Asian cinema but it’s also influenced a lot of other media as it’s considered landmark show for anime and TV in general (and its main plot was among the first of its kind). Rian Johnson’s films for example have a lot of influence from them. So it’s actually more likely other stuff have stolen from it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was thinking that @Cruciferous ’s answer could equally well describe The Mandalorian, at least in the first season.