Cranarius the Forsaken

“‘Here lies Cranarius, may his journey never end.’ And so, it never did.” ~A traveler recounting the fallen hero’s tombstone.

Behold Cranarius, a long dead knight. Due to his unflinching resolve and the unfortunate wording of his tombstone, he still walks the lands he once protected, searching for the fair lady who surely passed long ago.

Well, my studio was finally restored after being near destroyed in a water heater malfunction, (a leak, not an explosion.) So I decided I’d put up one of my best mocs in recent years in honor of all hallows eve.

Nuetral pose 360

“I fear you not foul villian!”

A short rest

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed this moc, as usual all critisim is appriciated, and an early happy All Hallows Eve to you all.

PS: Sorry about the red pins, I’ve ran out of black.


I really love this, that chest piece is so good.


I really like the color bocking


This is great! The sword is really good, the armor,and he has a good skeletini look

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@TheMOCingbird Thank you, but, what about the chest piece, do you mean the shoulder armor used for the chest, or the chest as a whole?

@SonicBionicleMaster Thank you.

@Antroz2007 Finally, thank you, and I’m glad you like the sword, I was worried it was to big.


I meant the specific G2 villain armor piece.

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Ah, thank you for clarifying, and thank you for the complement.

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Swords are never too big. Mocs are too small.
This guy looks awesome! The armor design looks great.

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Have you ever seen the sword from Final Fantasy 7? That sword is too big. But thank you, I’ve always loved the knights kingdom armor, and I had to many red wolf heads than I could use, so I put them here.

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Pshh, that guy just needs to bulk up a bit😂

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Many thanks to you good sir.

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Good moc overall

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Thanks, nice guy squidward?