Create Eyes for your Bionicle [Paint.NET Tutorial]

Here a small yet easy tutorial on how to improve your MOC images for example. I’ll be talking about the Eyes effect you get like in the movies. This tutorial is for Paint.NET, but I’m pretty sure Adobe PS and Gimp have the same tools.

Step 1
Take a random image you made with a Bionicle figure. Here my simplified Brutaka.

Step 2
Add a new layer over your initial one.

Step 3
Use the line tools(or free-hand brush) to draw over Brutaka’s “Eye holes” of his mask. Usually, I would recommend to use dark red, dark blue, and dark green.

Step 4
Use the bucket tool to fill the blank part of his eye. Remember to increase your tolerance because it would leave some grayish parts on the borders.

Step 5
Now for the “Iris”, I recommend to use the forms tool, and use circular ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ borders). Use orange, light blue or light green. It must be much a bright colour.

Step 6
Now Brutaka looks like this. Remember this: Everything has to be done on your second layer. I tend to forget that while working on multiple images.

Step 7
Now go to Effects, Image/Photo and to…whatever it is called in English(brightness or sun I guess).

Step 8
Now you should use high numbers for all three options, except for Brightness, it should be lower than the other two.

Step 9
Voilà. Finished. With a new background and some small changes, it looks something like this.

Here some other examples:

These are pretty old, that’s why they have rectangular iris forms. Oops.


It looks pretty alright, but there are more advanced ways to do this and have it look more realistic. However, for a cheep easy way to do it, this is well done.

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That was my plan. Because editing 40 images in a more realistic way demands time, and I’m too lazy to work much on one image.


Hey, @SpeisCheese, how does this look?

He’s Blaze, my Self-MOC and he is wearing the corrupted Umarak Mask that came with the Ekimu the Mask Maker set from the final wave of Bionicle G2. It was the best mask I could find that fit his color scheme and actually looked visually appealing to me.

Looks actually pretty nice, well done

Thanks. Unrelated thing, but how do you make curved text boxes?

Curved you mean text in shape of U or ( , right? Then good luck with, I have never trizd it. I think Adobe PS allows you to do that, no idea about gimp.