Creating Non-Purist Pieces

So have any of you ever created or purchased non-purist pieces, like painted masks?
Le's talk about it.

Speaking of which, I tried my hand at spray painting a Kakama to resemble the mask @IllustriousVar uses on his self MOC


I am an very satisfied with the outcome.


I'm planning on painting the UDD symbol on this extra Lhikan Hau I have and using it for the final version of my G1 self-MOC.

I painted a noble Huna purple once in order to make a MoC of Kaj, my favorite Onu-Matoran.

Some day (If I have more than one kakama in a colour I don't like.) I'll paint it turquoise so I can have my favorite mask in my favorite colour!


I cut off the stud piece on the three long axle so I could use it as a shorter stop axle

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I chopped off one stud's-worth of length on one of these to achieve a similar goal as @DargeD.

In case you're wondering why, it was so that I could attach the ball-joints to get Canister Wasteland 2-style shoulder articulation for this.
I think it was worth it.

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Ive cut axles to smaller sizes in order to have the size I need partly to replace pieces that have gone missing

I haven't yet, but I'm planning to get an extra Kualsi from bricklink and spraypaint it Metru Blue, then add Lime Green detailing.

If I had skill I'd absolutely do this. But I don't. sheds a single tear


It was eaaaasyyyy.
You literally just need spray paint and a mask.
And probably some safety precautions but I live on the edge, because I am edgy.
Edgy is hip, right?


@Nyran is the biggest non purist I know!

For those out of the loop on the joke, I'm a very pronounced purist.

I do use some "illegal connections" but never do I go out of my way to modify a piece.


I spray paint masks all the time, given that I have enough extras that is.


I really want to make some slick custom parts but don't know what I want to make...

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You could do the simple

and paint a mask a diff colour

Or you could go mlg

and cut a axle in half


I bought a painted infected Miru off ebay. It's actually quite good looking!

As far as me modifying parts, I used to sharpie and paint stuff all the time. So much so, in fact, that it got out of hand and became difficult to find certain parts that weren't modified. I've cut back on that quite a bit in recent years, only modifying when I deem necessary and making sure to do a good job with it.

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