Creative Content: Music Sub-category?

It dawned on me that some people on the boards might be music creators. Unfortunately, the only music category is only for discussion. I think we need a Creative Content sub-category for Music creators to share their work! What about you?


This is definitely a decent Idea.

I think this could really open up a whole new sub culture here on the boards, although, at this point I don't know just how big that group would b...


Well, I do believe that @Venom created most of TTV's music for the podcast.

Edit: Thanks for the move @JMP

Here's the thing with Sub-categories; if there's enough need for them, they get created. (e.g. the Games sub-category). I, and likely my fellow staff, would be fine with making a Sub-category for Music. However, I don't know if there's enough need for it. I've seen maybe...two...? music topics here on the Boards. Granted I could have missed a few, but my point still stands.

tl;dr, Perhaps if we have more topics pertaining to music creation, but otherwise unlikely.


There are some people out there who would notice that there's no category for something, and (unfortunately) assume that they can't post it on the site. There's even members on the boards who NEVER post anything or offer any feedback (in other words, they NEVER participate).

So there are. But that's their problem. If they are unsure if they can post something, they can ask us at any point.

I fail to see how that is relevant. Lurkers lurk. That's just what they do.


To be fair, there's a generalized "Creative Content" Category where they could upload their Music.


I kind of think that it might be easier to have varying individuals who are good with singular instruments/singing/whatever and have them work together to create something memorable. Something like this but for Bionicle;

Pretty much this ^

Agree with this to an extent, however the solution to this is simply more people submitting topics. Tesla has already submitted some music and i presume that the discovery of that topic was what led you to this realization that the boards do not specifically mention a music topic. Yet the lack of a music sub-category did not appear to prevent him from submitting his music - and his publication of the topic will likely convince/inspire others to make music also.

As far as i am aware most people creating music are either posting it in the general 'creative content' category or among the videos category in creative content. Honestly posting it in the 'creative content - videos' area would make the most sense as most music is shared in a video or audio recording which would probably constitute as a video. Just have audio, add a basic image, and their you have a video to share in creative content :stuck_out_tongue:

The easiest way to convince fans to submit music is simply to inspire them to create it, via creating some fan-made music of your own. Tags can be used with topics in order to help define them as music for ease of searching and to help them be recognized as user-created music. A sub-category would probably follow if enough individual users created fan-made music to demonstrate a need for a sub-category.

A fairly empty sub-category about music would be less convincing than seeing multiple fans submitting their own fan-made music. Eventually one of them will be popular enough to be spotlighted and it would inspire people. To encourage people to post/make music you need to post/make music :slight_smile:


I think I was trying to say that I'm not sure if, at this time, there are enough musicians here for a full Sub0Catergor...

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I tried putting a "Music" Tag on this topic, and apparently the tag doesn't exist (yet). Somebody get on that please!

You create the tag yourself when making a topic

Alternatively click the 'pencil' symbol at the heading of an already made topic of yours. This will open up options to change the title, location and tags. From there you can type in 'music' along with any other appropriate tags. Though i would advise keeping them brief. It gives suggestions of tags, however you do not have to use a suggested tag and can make a new one.

If you desire i can add a 'music' tag to this topic if you want?


I would appreciate that. Thank you.

No problem =) Done

Any other topics that use this tag will also show up when the tag is searched. It also appears besides the topic to help identify it to users.

You can view things that are tagged in a specific category via going the tags section. An example for 'Music' is here;

Admittedly this tag clashes slightly with the 'entertainment - music' section, so might advise doing 'fan music' or 'user created music' as a tag instead


Bionicle/fan music eh? Sounds like an interesting idea to me. I think it fits into general creative content, I've already seen some music videos and song lyrics there.

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I like the idea but see no reason why users can't just post their music in the general Creative Content category. The amount of topics it would generate wouldn't really warrant the creation of a whole sub-category at this stage in time.