Creator of Ice revamp(simple but solid)

I revamped my original design that was heavily custom and went back to the drawing board in my temporary inactivity from the message boards. Please give feedback, p.s. I already checked the MOC’s proportions with that of my own and they match up.


He has a scottish small shield called a buckler used in tandem with a sword with one hand

I made simple arms and legs
Custom torso though.

Literally the only colour scheme breakage in the MOC

I hope you all liked it


It looks ok. the feet look a bit awkward with those armor pieces on them. The body is custom, and solid, but really unnecessary. With armor on, the body skeleton looks almost the exact same as a normal ccbs body. It seems like you made a custom body just for the sake of having something custom on the moc. Sometimes simplicity works just as well as custom. Next time you make something custom, maybe try really pushing the limits with it, make it look like something that’s different from normal pieces. This is a bog step up from the last one though. Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:


This is basicly a skeleton of a MOC its the bedrock im gonna be building on, thanks for the feedback


I love the upper area, but the legs are bad, especially the feet. They’re far too white, considering that the colour only shows up elsewhere on the shoulders. I like that you’ve made a custom torso, but as @TheMOCingbird said, it functions exactly the same as the basic CCBS torso, allowing no additional articulation or armour placement. It feels an awful lot like it was used just for the sake of being custom.


Actually the shoulder pads are extra armour placement and articulated shoulder pads rather than the stiff variants with regular CCBS(i mean the connection of regular CCBS is stiff and akward)
The feet and legs i will work on

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Cool :laughing:

It is nice, only thing that you should improve IMO are the feet.

Um… No they’re not. A regular torso has those exact connections.

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When in doubt, use old designs :laughing:


Ahhhh much better

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