Creep's Drawing Batch no2 (or place in which i will post art from now on!)

Hello again! This will be place in which I will post all future drawings! Lets go then!
Here is Female ta-matoran, yeah... not onu-matoran!

Heres moc:

Stay tuned for more!
(I own all rights to that Art, also stop changing my topics, gosh daing it!)


Hey, could you perhaps keep these all in one topic? That way it's more organized for the forum. wink

Well as i stated in topic this will be where all new art will be posted mate! wink

Alright. Just making sure. Just don't make anymore after this, okay? smile

Well, if its a art or an moc that i would like separate (mostlikely something like thing for contest or selfmoc) then I probably make small second one. If you are fine with that, of course smile

0/10 Chima box.


6 lego chima 2015 boxes

Heres second version of MoUP!

New (above), Old (below)


Since @Scarilian asked, and i had an idea before i gone sleeping, here is Avokhii in Gen2 version! (Unless MoUP is Gen2 Avokhii)


Really like that version of the Mask of Light. It fits. smiley

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New art! Yaay...

Kopaka to my comic/animation future thing!


And here is @Ekorak!

Please don't make me draw ppl, i just do what I want to do!


This is actually, like, almost exactly how I picture him. It's fantastic. Great job!


Thank you @Ekorak !
Soo... how exacly he looks in your imagination?

The head is spot on, for your drawing. The torso is a bit off, but I can see it was based off of the older version. Arms are probably the farthest off, missing his shoulder armor, but once again I can see that this was based off of the last version. The legs though? Almost perfect. The only thing off is he direction of the armor on his left leg.

So yeah. I'm probably going to attempt some art of people soon. Maybe even try drawing Ek and Rai. (:p)

So, would you insist that he has Glorious Legs?

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Well, i would live to see your drawings skills!

Ok... Time for a bigger batch!

@Payinku as above, so below ( you get it!)
(above) bmade it becose of Payinku in disguise topic, since first i thought of was tf2 engie and spy endless fight! (Bellow) Its a dessert to everybody...

...Master of FIYAAA

(I still own all rights to art i post here!)


that second pic of me has the most metru hau looking kakama I've ever seen.

looks good though.


That supposted to be the Disguise blush