Creep's MOC Teaser topic - 'Spoiled milk'

Well, not a milk...

what could it be?


An original colourscheme?

or is it only the gali 2015 blue and black
I will be disappoint if its only gali 2015 blue and black


Wait is that a wheel

This LEGO-thing that I can see?
Can ya help me guess this-

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So, when you finish the MOC, will you be using this topic, or will a new topic be created for it?


Dunno, this one is finished but it still needs an second part

Second part?

Umm, mind elaborating?

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You will see... IN TIME!

That was exhausting

Essentially what Nyran is asking, is why a teaser topic for a MOC exists if the MOC is potentially not complete and you may be creating a separate topic. Given their is little discussion people can do via only seeing a wheel and a CCBS piece...

As if this topic is just a teaser topic for a MOC then it may need to be closed, especially if you intend to create a separate topic later...

As mentioned by Nyran, its less that they are not allowed and more that their existence is questionable, especially if it ended up becoming something multiple members did for individual MOC's.

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Well, never heard about Teaser topic beeing not allowed, but apparently I need to check that up...

Usualy when you show an teaser people speculate, and is preety nice feeling to see people trying to make something out of small pic that shows some stuff

Thats wjy I created this topic.

Basicaly when I finish second part (need to buy one set and and finish one part of it) It will be likely that I will create separate topic

But if case is that Posting teaser topics is not allowed you can close it, Im not your headmaster after all.

I might make this an teaser topic for different mocs I will make in future, It depends on your response

Uhh, actually, so far as I know, we have absolutely 0 formal rules restricting you on this.

But I'm not sure how much an individual picture of a MOC that reveals very little merits its own topic.

But I personally would be totally cool for a MOC Teaser topic that encompasses multiple MOCs over time.



So this became a thing

"Spoiled milk" became Creep's teaser topic!


So, probably before I will post this thing I have teased above I will post pictures of milk!

Milk? What milk..

once well known, but you still remember


.....I guess I just won't question it.....

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Unfortunately, I don't see the merit to posting a teaser for a MoC. There's nothing here for people to discuss. You might as well just take a picture of a random pile of parts and we wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

This forum should only be used for completed works....


You can alternatively make a WIP Topic (work in progress). However, you have to take a picture of what you have completed, and post routine updates to your topic so that everyone can follow your progress. The difference between this topic and what I am proposing is in the fact that a WIP topic will require you to post an image that actually displays the entirety of your creation, not just an.... odd.... zoomed in snippet.

As it stands, this topic will now be closed. Feel free to create a new topic once you actually have something you're ready to show.

This change will also be added to the rules and guidelines for the Lego Creations category.