Cronk the Hunter and Flagra the Huntress

“Oh boy. Chronicler made ANOTHER version of his self-MOC. Wasn’t the last one good enough?”

No. No it was not. I wanted to add a few more modifications.

It had been a long time since a younger Cronk had defeated the Skrub Queen. However, he still wore his Mask of Reminders and his all-powerful Staff of Deletion.

Along the way, he managed to pick up a sword as an additional weapon.

He has become more hunched during his adventures of cleaning and protecting the island. He has also gained an important gearbox, insuring much more powerful attacks.

His back armor hasn’t changed much, but now he has a dumb yellow gear sticking out of his back. Of course, this is Okotan tradition to make it yellow, since it’s a sign of honor.

Cronk is still at it, as he lurches over to hunt his prey of those who decide to spam and make Okoto a terrible place. Legend has it now that he knows his brother, Umarak, has been taken over by Makuta, he is watching his surroundings to make sure he stays away from the Mask of Control’s influence.

#“When there is spam, it must be deleted!”
“What did you just say, punk?”

Cronk is shocked as he sees a red, black and gunmetal creature in front of him. Is it friend or foe? He decides to examine this creature to find out.

The creature seems to bear a bright red Mask of Alerts. Quite a powerful mask. She also bears a crooked blade known as the Blade of Edginess. The other one is the Blade of Masters.

Need he not mention her wings? Or that robotic arm, with a few tubes injecting into it. She also has a chain connected to her left arm!

She wears awfully thick armor. Barely any gaps whatsoever. Although, he’s rather not fond of how the belly armor kind of juts out.

The back isn’t much, but it has a nice curvature. Her legs, however, seems to be triple-jointed. Cronk also admires the transparent colors.

The creature’s feet are a bit off. However, the way they’re connected is simple. He absolutely hates her choice of open ball joints, though. That’s a huge no-no for armor.

“Are… Are you looking at me funny?”

“What? No! I’m just surveying.”

“You’re not gonna get away with that!”

Cronk and Flagra engage in an epic duel. Their blades go against each other. Cronk tries to keep steady footing as he battles Flagra. He decides to prop up his Staff of Deletion to perhaps delete one of her weapons.

So who wins this battle of nearly equals? There are two possibilities.

#Flagra Wins

Flagra: That should teach you! Never look at a female MOC that way ever again!

Cronk: Plox get off, I can’t breathe.

Flagra: Now you’re calling me FAT!?

Cronk: No, that’s not what I meant!

And so they banter forever, never getting their way.

cronk Wins

Cronk: I must say, it was a good duel. 'Tis a shame I have to kill you now.

Flagra: Wait. We can come to our senses! This is all a big misunderstanding. We… We could work well together!

Cronk: Pray tell.

Flagra: With my power of Alerting and your power of Deletion and Reminders, we could work together to keep the Message Board clean!

Cronk: Hm… You have a good point. Alright, I will spare you.

Cronk and Flagra join chains, realizing their power is greater when they work together, united.

#"By the power of Flagging!

#“And by the power of Moderation!”

#The Message Board will stay clean!

So, guys, tell me what you guys think of these MOCs? Critiques are very welcome.


do you have any idea how weird that sounds

But seriously thought,those are both pretty cool,thought i’m not a fan of Flagra’s robotic arm to be honest.


I don’t have much to say on Cronk. He looks solid overall, albeit could benefit from more trans green distribution.

Flagra is interesting. I like the MOC overall, but the asymetrical build seems kind of random to me in some areas. I also don’t think the feet fit.

They are both solid MOCs, but Flagra could use a bit of work.


Honestly I didn’t think of that, but it’s definitely insulting.

I see what you mean. I would have loved to make both arms like the right, but alas, I realized I didn’t have another shoulder like that in CCBS.

I wish I made the feet a bit better. Perhaps a revamp of the legs are in store.

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my post or your back curvature thing

Back curvature thing lol.

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I don’t have an issue with the legs, I just think the clawed feet are kind of out of place.

aight sorry

Eh, I like how they’re clawed. I think it compliments the wings, but I can see where you find issue with them.

It’s cool. I probably should have written that better anyways. :stuck_out_tongue:


I mean i agree the back flows pretty nicely but it’s just the way you put it sounded kinda creepy

Why do you think Flagra is so insulted? :stuck_out_tongue:

(I joke I joke plox don’t kill me.)


They both look pretty good. What mask is that on Flagra? I’ve never seen it before. Great work tho.

Btw, I just felt like saying this, Cheers!

It is a red Kaukau Nuva.

Cronk is just basically Cronk. I like the body.
Flagra has clever feet.


I like em.

It’s like Flagara winning I the high chaos ending of Dishonored and Cronk winning is low chaos.

Chroncic makin’ that sweet BioniBooty…

Not what I intended but 'kay.

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As if anyone can honestly believe their self MOC is good enough

It’ll keep improving as its maker improves as a MOCist and as a person.


This gave me an idea to build Cronk with the mighty banhammer and Mask of furious flags BUT you are a filthy Valor member…so.