Crowdfunding a G1 Continuation/Conclusion?

As you know, many of us in the community would love for G1 to be continued, or at least wrapped up to a more conclusive state that it was left in. You’ve said in the past that LEGO just wouldn’t dedicate the resources to approve new content for a cancelled line, since they don’t get anything for it and at the end of the day they’re a business. So, what if the community paid Lego to continue/wrap up the story?

What if we got organised, wrote to Lego, raised some money, and paid for the expense of the story being written, edited, and approved? So:

  1. I know this is a highly irregular idea, but do you think it’s even remotely possible?

  2. If so, could you roughly estimate how much money would be needed, given your insider knowledge of Lego? Obviously this would depend on the amount of content being created, but let’s say for the minimum amount of content you deem necessary to “wrap up” the G1 story (so namely the serials) more neatly, and work up from that. Even if we forego the costs of legal checks needed for creating new characters and names, I think there is still a big enough sandbox of existing characters to do a lot with.

I know this is a bit of a long-shot, but I don’t think you’ve been asked this before. I know I would certainly chip in to such a project, I’m sure other fans would too; I like to think given some time we could make this happen. Bionicle meant a lot to me growing up, it would be truly great if we could get this done in some form.


I have to say, based purely on my own opinion, that I do not think this would work. Resources dedicated to BIONICLE would be resources not going toward active lines the company is trying to promote.


Even with the costs of redirected resources being covered monetarily? That’s a real shame. I wonder if it’s still worth emailing Lego, however, just to see what they say.

I know I’m very ignorant of what would actually be involved, but I honestly thought that, assuming you were the one writing the story, the remaining work at Lego would at most be a few days worth of legal work and editing/approval from a small team + some initial approval from higher-ups and organising work rescheduling for those involved (mainly you I imagine). Am I wildly off with that guess?

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Correct or not, it still comes back to the fact that BIONICLE is not active and there are no plans that I know of for it to be, so there is no real benefit to the company to do this. I think they would rather I spend my work time on active lines, and I can’t fault them for that.