Cryoshell have released two more versions of Gravity Hurts

Cryoshell has realesed both the original 2008 version of Gravity Hurts featuring Niels Brink used in Bionicle and also a later version with Tine Midtgaard from 2012. Links available below.

Original post:
In January of 2018, Cryoshell revealed on their official Facebook account that they had released a new version of Gravity Hurts.
This new version of Gravity Hurts features Christine Lorentzen as the main vocalist and the Budapest Art Orchestra is performing the instrumental part of the song with classic music instruments.

Link to Facebook post:

Links for the different versions of Gravity Hurts:

2008 version featuring Brinck:

2012 version featuring Tine Midtgaard:

The new 2018 version with Christine Lorentzen:


I’m not sure how to feel about this. It’s just too different from the original.

its breaking benjamin all over again

i like it, but the original is better in my opinion

@jayzor17 Yeah, it’s really different compared to the original version.
But it’s still fun that Cryoshell finally released a new song after so many years :grinning:

@BrokenAxels I agree and I really hope they will rerelease the original version so that I can listen to it on Spotify :slight_smile:

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Would’ve preferred a remake of Face Me, but this is pretty good too.

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Wait, is there a third version? I remember they made a second version a few years ago. I also remember hating it.

There was the original version, which featured in the '08 ads and such, then there was a version that was basically the original, just with their new lead. Now there’s this.

The best one.

I also remember some changes to the lyrics. “The battle is all in your mind” is a specific one I remember. I really didn’t like it.

Well I’m gonna give it a listen then. I see its on Spotify. That’s awesome. I always wondered why they wouldn’t out the original on Spotify. Now, the original Gravity Hurts is one of my favorite songs of all time, so I really hope this new version meets my ridiculously high standards.

Alright. Having listened to it, here are my thoughts.

I love it. The new orchestral sound, while different from the original’s punk rock style, is amazing. I’m a huge fan of orchestral music. And the new voice suits it perfectly. I honestly don’t think the original vocals would fit the new orchestral style of this version. The lyrics weren’t changed at all, which is great. The lyrical changes they made with the second version where just stupid. But hearing those classic lyrics with the new vocals and sound. It gave me such a nostalgic feeling. I was so ready to harp on this thing and tare it apart for being different from the original, but I honestly love this.

I am glad that it’s finally on Spotify. I don’t dislike it, so I’ll probably get used to it.

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I must admit, I like this, there’s just something about the new leads voice that I don’t like. This is a nice version though.

I’m playing both of these versions at once at the same time…

What am I doing?


I’m gonna have to try that now.

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Going toward an orchestral arrangement is an interesting direction to say the least, but I think it does work, and I like it. There’s a feeling of grandeur, probably just because there’s more instruments and a full orchestra.

I don’t have nostalgia over this song only because I lost interest in Bionicle sets after 2007 (thank you brittle joints), so I didn’t pay attention to commercials, and I only found the original Gravity Hurts a few years later.

I love the album cover, how they incorporated their logo into the F-hole on a violin. Concisely sends the message that they’re mixing in acoustic sounds.

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They didn’t do that one.

Though to be fair, I think the list of bionicle songs Cryoshell did is quite a bit longer than the ones they didn’t do. Its an honest mistake.

Oh, definitely, and the singer from gravity hurts preformed it.

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Actually, both Face Me and the original Gravity Hurts were performed by Cryoshell, just with an alternate lead singer.

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He was accually a stand alone singer from Denmark that Lego hired, and then paired up with Cryoshell later.


Definitely a different style to it than the OG version, but I like the different style. It’s just far more cinematic, emotional, and uplifting. It feels like a more mature version of the original.


I absolutely love this version. I’ve been listening to it again for a while but it’s really flippin good.