Yes, let’s talk about bizarre creatures like Big Foot, Moth man, chupacabra, and other beasts!


When I was younger, I used to think Bigfoot was living in the Trees behind my Grandma’s House…


I am going to be completely honest: I feel Foot Big and Ness Monster Loch are overexposed.

Someone please point out to me a lesser known cryptid.

Also I really like Moth man. Not a big fan of the idea of it having no head and eyes on it’s torso, but I still think it’s pretty cool.


The Gnome of Gerona…

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Two of my favorites are the Loveland Frog:

… and the Melon Heads (couldn’t find a good picture/drawing, sorry!). One of my favorite tv series that for whatever reason showed neither of them was Lost Tapes. It was so funny and cheesy, I loved every second of it.

I have a friend who has sworn to have seen the Loveland Frog on a hunting trip, he was scared stiff when he told me about it. I’ve never seen or had any encounters, so I’m an on-the-fence skeptic about the whole deal. I think they’re fun to talk about, just as long as you don’t become one of those wackos who dedicates their life to proving or disproving their existence.


The mokele mbembe, speculated to be a sauropod living somewhere in Africa.


inb4 mothman


Does the spynx count? Because it’s really creepy when you think about it.

More like Mythological Creatures…


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That…reminds me way too much of the Titans from Attack on Titan.

I just wanted to say that real quickly. Back to talking about Cryptids.

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One of my favorites is the Jersey Devil

I dunno why, reading some of the stories about it and it’s general nature made it all the more spooky and interesting to me than Big Foot.


Foot big has nothing on the Jersey Devil. And I have to agree, the Jersey Devil is certainly more interesting than foot big.

Man, I was a cryptid fanatic back in the day, especially the aquatic ones; whenever I visited the library, my first instinct would be to go check out the paranormal section which had books about various criptids and i’d read 'em all. I once even attempting to make a Moc out of this infamous guy

It was my childhood dream to become a cryptozoologist, catch a cryptid on tape, and become famous n’ rich :grin:

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i had a moth in my room that liked lego people at one point does that count as a moth man encounter?


How about a Puma…

I know about one cryptid, the batsquatch. It’s a sasquatch with bat wings


It resembles a flying squirrel

Jersey devil man. That’s one cryptid I can say easily kept my interest up to this day. xD

I remember being really big on cryptozoology when I was younger. I used to look up stuff about the Loch Ness Monster, Mokèlé-mbèmbé, and Kasai Rex, simply hoping dinosaurs still existed, lol. Chupacabra used to give me the creeps whenever I’d look up stuff about it. Maybe it’s because I would do that at night when I’m alone in my room. xD

Nowadays, this stuff is just one of those random topics I’ll talk about with some close friends. Like, “hey dude, have you ever heard of el chupacabra”?


I remember seeing this one creature with the best name ever.

It was like aswang or something

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I have always been fond of the Yeti.

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