Crystal Analysis Transport (CAT)

I present to you one of the rare system MOCs that I make: The CAT, based off of the story of Mars Mission from 2007-08!

Data file
Name: Crystal Analysis Transport (CAT)
Class: Mobile Laboratory
Model: MX-305
Crew: 2 pilots, one lab operator
Weapons: 2 primary forward cannons, 1 rotating top-mounted turret, 2 FLICK-class missiles, 1 deployable snub speeder in the rear
Engines: 2 SLs-T Mk-VII engines, capable of a top speed of 96 mph

Side notes: I nicknamed the snub speeder the “Kitten,” and the landing ramp does deploy, if not very far down.

I also built a ground support vehicle for keeping aliens away.

Data file
Name: AA EMP Tank
Class: Anti-air tank
Model: MT-303
Weapon: Electromagnetic Pulse cannon mounted on the rear
Driver: 1 man vehicle
Side notes: Yes, the cannon can rotate up and down, I just don’t have any other pictures of it.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Hate mail?



I like the look of it.

Really blocky for what was normally had a really sleek style. The little ground tank’s cockpit also looks like it should be able to detach and fly off

I love this! I always loved Mars Mission, but never got any of the sets.

This brings me back!

It is a bit too blocky though.

Ah, those were the days. Good job.

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Looks good. But I think some more pictures would have been nice.