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In the time before time of another universe, the great spirit robot constructed by the great beings to observe other planets took off to do the job it was built for. It reached a planet far away called Earth and successfully landed. But the evil of the Makuta still infected Mata Nui, causing him to fall into a deep sleep. With the Matoran universe being stranded on Earth, the Bionicle coexist with the residents of Earth. However, this is a slightly different story.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was a slow day for William. The weekends were always slow if nothing was happening. The only thing you could do was boot up a computer and go on the internet. Now William did have things to do like drawings and stories to type, but he decided those could wait. He wanted to relax today and maybe catch up on some video games. But sadly he had beaten the majority of his games. After browsing his collection, he went over to the window and gazed at the bustling city of Neo Metru Nui, a city that was constructed as a place where humans and Bionicle could co-exist. William stared at the massive towers and protodermis chutes that darted and lined the city and zoned out; enraptured by the sleek, futuristic look of the city.
“HEY DAD!” Someone called out to William. That took him out of his daze.
“Huh, what? Say what?” William said as he turned to see who it was.
“Dad! There is stuff going down on the TTV message boards” Terrus said as he urged his father to come with him. Terrus was a mysterious 100% Kra-Matoran that William had adopted who could transform into a toa temporarily with a special stone.
“Alright, I am coming” William said as walked towards his adopted son.
Terrus threw up the TTV message boards on William’s living room wall monitor. “The podcast has been arguing about ElJay’s Mask for the past 20 minutes.”
The TTV podcast was indeed arguing and it went something like this:

“Eljay, you seriously need to take off that mask” Kahi said in a irritated voice.
“Why should I? This is a symbol of TTV.”
“Eljay, that mask muffles your audio. We can’t have you on for webcam videos if you continue to wear that” Varderan rebuttaled.
“Guys, I am not taking off my mask. It is what defines me” Eljay responded with pride.
“Yeah guys, let him wear it. It won’t do any harm” Mesonak added in.
“Meso, you’re not helping. Eljay, if you don’t take off the mask, you will be barred from webcam videos” Varderan said with a stern look on his face.
You cannot be serious…” Eljay said in shock
“We are serious. The mask is messing with the quality of our videos” Kahi responded.
Prpldragon came up from behind and gave Kahi a light smack on the back. “Oh Come on guys, don’t you think you are all taking this way too seriously?” This question was met with a quad pair of stink eyes from Varderan and Kahi.
Viper crept in and began to pull Prpldragon away “You might want to let them settle this themselves Prpl.”
“Viper, don’t pull her away, she might have some insight we could use. And guys, watch the stink eyes. I can smell the stench all the way over here” Meso said with a chuckle.
“Meso, knock-knock” Eljay cut in.
“Eljay, is this really the time?”
“Fine, who's there?”
“Ice Cream…”
Meso gave Eljay a confused look and said “Ice cream...who?”
“I SCREAM IF YOU MAKE BAD JOKES LIKE THAT AGAIN! Now let us get back to the discussion about my mask.”
“Dang Meso, you could say you got roasted worse than you when those cars drive by your house” Viper tried to add in jokingly.
Varderan was not pleased at this reference “VIPER, YOU RUINED THE JOKE!”
“Guys, did we set the conversation to private?” Kahi put in.
“I thought Var had that covered so I didn’t say anything” Meso answered.

And with that, the feed went to private and stopped broadcasting for William and Terrus. William squeezed the bridge of his nose and sighed.
“Terrus, please tell me this is a prank…”
Terrus looked at the calendar. “Sorry Dad, April Fools day is still a few months away.”
“Well at least I won’t get laughed at this time.” William sighed again. “I swear they are getting into way more arguments than usual recently.”
“It’s almost like they are being influenced by something” Terrus said as he hummed a few bars of the X files theme.
William chuckled and said “You’ve been listening to the X files theme again, haven’t you?”
“Maybe...maybe I have.”
“You little rascal. Anyways, I doubt anyone is influencing them. Who would influence them?”
Terrus scratched his mask and pondered for a second. “The brotherhood of Makuta?”
“Why though? They have no reason to come up to Terra Magna…”
“Hmmm...you’re right, that does seem a little farfetched now that I think about it” Terrus said as he started to ponder even harder.
“Don’t worry Terrus. They have gotten into arguments like this before and it will blow over like the rest” William reassured Terrus.
“If you say so dad” Terrus said as he picked up his backpack. “Let’s head to the TTV saloon dad! You said you would take me today.”
“Heh, I did say that didn’t I? Alright, let me armor up” William said as he held his arm out to allow a shining light to cover his body in silver nuva armor.
“Dad, I know you somewhat recently became a Toa Nuva, but do you always have to change into one?” Terrus asked looking up at his transformed father.
“Of course I do. You know I like to show off...plus no one has really noticed it yet.”
Terrus walked towards the door. “You do the most incredible thing ever and everybody is like “eh...cool….””
“I know right? You think me becoming a Human Toa Nuva by stepping in a rogue puddle of energized protodermis with a crowbar in my hand would be the talk of the town, BUT NO, it’s not.”
William and Terrus lived in an apartment complex on the second floor. There was an elevator they could take, but it would be a waste of time and it was out of order for the time being. As soon as they got out from under the deck roofs of the apartment complex, the sun blinded William for a second. As soon as his eyes adjusted, the familiar futuristic look of Neo Metru Nui greeted him. William had never been to the actual Metru Nui, but he heard that the neo city was built just like the original in it’s heyday with human culture touches here and there.
William and Terrus walked down the street to the TTV saloon. Terrus had been wanting to go to the saloon ever since his father introduced him to TheThreeVirtues on the internet. But sadly Terrus at the time had been sheltered a little too much, so William had to teach him how to interact with people over time. But at this point, Terrus was ready...or at least William was pretty sure he was ready to go out in public and socialize. Either way, they were upon the TTV saloon. It looked like your typical Modern saloon with a dark blue and white color scheme. This saloon acted as a restaurant and a place where people could get together and talk.
“You ready to go in Terrus?” William asked noticing Terrus looked a little nervous.
“Y-yeah...I’m ready.”
“Don’t worry Terrus. Just act natural and follow me. I’m pretty much friends with everybody who visits.”
“Alright! Act Natural!” Terrus said as he stood to attention.
William laughed. “Good lord everybody is going to love you. Come on, let’s head in. I’m feeling a bit peckish.”
As they walked in, they were greeted by music and the sounds of laughter. It was a typical day at the saloon. People were at various tables and booths eating, talking, and showing off their Bionicle and Lego MOCs to each other. The interior of the saloon also shared the dark blue and white color scheme of the outside. Terrus was nervous, so he clung to William’s side. William noticed and chuckled to himself. He remembered doing this as a kid due to his autism. Terrus would grow out of it eventually. William walked over to the counter and found two open stools for himself and Terrus to sit in. A familiar face came over to greet them.
“Hey ChaoticTempleKnight, how are you doing?”
“Hey Waj, I’m doing great.”
“What kind I get you today? And who’s this little guy?”
“Waj, this is my adopted son Terrus. Terrus, this is Waj.”
“Hi Mr.Waj” Terrus squeaked out.
“Nice to meet you Terrus. Dang Chaotic, how did you manage to adopt a Matoran?”
“It’s a tad long of a story I’ll tell some other time. Anyways, I would like a Chocolate milkshake and some fries. What do you want Terrus?”
Terrus was looking at a menu and looked back up to answer. “I want a Protodermis shake with some fries too!”
“Two orders of fries, a chocolate milkshake, and a protodermis milkshake. Alright then, that will be eight dollars” Waj said as he wrote everything down.
William go out eight one dollar bills from his wallet and placed it on the counter. “Here you go Waj.”
Waj took the money and put it into a special wallet. “Thank you and I will be back with your order momentarily.” He then walked back to the kitchen.
“ChaoticTempleKnight? They use your internet handle here?” Terrus asked his father as they waited.
“Yeah, it’s just something we do. It stemmed from the message boards.”
Waj was soon back with a platter with the orders on it. “Alright, an order of fires for the both of you, a Chocolate milkshake for Chaotic and a Protodermis milkshake for Terrus” he said as he placed the food in front of them.
“Thanks Waj” William said as he started putting ketchup on his fries.
“Thank you Mr. Waj!” Terrus said as he took a sip of his shake.
“No problem. If you guys need anything else, don’t hesitate to ask” Waj replied as he walked off. Just as the William and Terrus began to eat, they heard the majority of people yell out “Hey Venom!”
Venom walked through the saloon. “Glad to see you all here!” The only available seat in sight was next to William, so he sat next to him. Waj popped back over as soon as Venom sat down.
“Hey Ven, what can I get for you?”
“Hey Waj. I’ll have two hot dogs and a large cola.”
“Coming right up. Shall I put it on the TTV tab?”
Venom got out some money. “Nah, that’s alright. I don’t mind paying.”
“Okie Dokie, I’ll be back with your order momentarily” Waj said as he took the money and rushed back to the kitchen.
Venom aside from his living bodysuit, looked like your typical person. Usually he had his suit’s hood up, but today he had it down revealing his short, dark hair. William was a little nervous as he was sitting right next to a TTV podcast member. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. Terrus on the other hand, was trying to hold back his inner fanboy.
“Hey, you’re ChaoticTempleKnight right?” Venom said while waiting for his older.
William choked on his milkshake and started coughing “Yeah, yeah I am” He said in between in coughs.
“Oh jeez, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to startle you. Do you need me to pat you on the back?”
William let out a massive cough. “Don’t worry about it, I’m fine.”
Terrus was about to metaphorically explode when Venom noticed him. “Is your friend alright?”
William looked over at Terrus. “Oh, Terrus is a massive fan of TTV.”
“Wow, I didn’t know we had Matoran fans. I figured we did, but I can’t tell if they are on the boards or not.”
“Terrus, would you like to say hi?” William asked Terrus in an encouraging tone.
Terrus nodded, straightened his Kakama, and walked up to Venom. “Mr. Venom, it is a pleasure to meet you!” Terrus said in a quick, yet understandable tone.
“It’s great to meet you too Terrus. Do you watch the MOC spotlight by any chance?”
“Whenever it’s uploaded! I would watch it early on Vessel, but my dad won’t pay for an early access subscription” Terrus said with pride at first, then playful irritation once he got to the part about Vessel.
“I told you before Terrus, I don’t trust Vessel enough yet to give them my debit card numbers” William said as he took a sip from his half empty shake. Waj had also brought Venom’s order to the counter to which Venom proceed to take a bit from one of the hot dogs.
Once he swallowed, Venom spoke again. “Well at least you're still watching it when it comes out and that’s what matters in the end.”
Terrus took a sip from his shake. “Mr. Venom, can you review one of my dad’s MOCs?”
“Shhh...easy kid, or other people will start asking me to review their MOCs.”
“Oh come on Terrus, my MOCs aren’t that good” William said as he started blushing.
Venom took another bite of one his hot dogs and sip from his cola. “Nonsense. Shoot me a link and I’ll add it onto the to do list.”
“You sure about that?”
“Yeah, I don’t mind. Besides, how could I turn down that adorable Kakama tyke?”
“Alright…” William got out his PDA and messaged a link to Venom over the TTV message boards.
Venom took a look and nodded. “Yeah, I could review this MOC. Thundra, Toa of Lightning right?”
“Yeah. It’s not perfect, but I did try to go outside the box with the build” William said as he ate the last of his fries.
“I can see that. Hey, Terrus said dad multiple times. What’s up with that?” Venom asked as he started on his second hot dog.
William finished the rest of his milkshake and spoke. “It’s a long story, but let’s just say Terrus has mysterious origins and I have been tasked with raising him.”
“Wow, you are one lucky person.”
“Hey, do you know anything about the argument that the other cast members are having?” William knew this was the perfect opportunity to ask about the argument he had seen earlier.
“The others are arguing again?” Venom sighed. “Let me guess, it has something to do with ElJay…”
“Huh, so you don’t know… ElJay, Meso, Kahi, Var, Viper and Prpl are arguing about Eljay’s mask.”
Venom chuckled to himself. “Oh jeez, I better go check up on them and make sure they’re not strangling each other.” Venom finished up his Cola and stood up.
“Sorry if I messed with your break…” William said feeling sorry.
“Eh, don’t worry about it, I was done anyways. Well then, it’s been a pleasure talking with the both of you.”
“Same here” William replied as shook Venom’s hand.
Venom also held out his hand for Terrus and Terrus shook it. “Goodbye Mr. Venom!”
“You two have a good day” Venom said as he began to leave.
“You too.” Once Venom left, William turned to Terrus. “Now remember Terrus, when someone says have a good day, you respond with “you too.” It’s proper manners.”
“I’ll remember that dad!” Terrus said as he finished his shake.
Waj came back over to the two. “You guys need anything else?”
“Daaaad...caaan I have a another shake? Please?” Terrus said with puppy dog eyes.
William laughed and said “Dang it Terrus, you always get me with those eyes. Sure, BUT ONLY one more.”
“That will be two dollars” Waj said as he wrote down the second order. William handed him two crisp dollar bills
“YES!” Terrus said with a fist pump.
“But you have to come over and socialize with me” William said with a sly look on his face.
Terrus went quiet for a second. “Okay then I guess…”
Waj soon brought over Terrus’ second shake and the two headed over to chat with some people. Terrus mostly got away with saying nothing by slowly sipping his protodermis shake until someone asked him a question. At that point he would just answer with a yes, no, or with an extended answer when required. William chatted for a good hour with Terrus occasionally adding in. Due to how long and frequent they were talking, William had to get a Cola and Terrus managed to weasel another shake out of him. It was not a problem though, as William had loads of money and he was getting a paycheck for his job today.
William and Terrus had arrived at the saloon at 12 o’clock and it was 4 o’clock by the time they left. William was very proud of terrus for how well he did in front of all those people. He promised him a pizza and soda for dinner to celebrate. They soon got back to their apartment to find two odd letters in their mailbox. One was from Kahi and one was from ElJay of all people. The letters read something like this:

Dear Loyal TTV fan/employee

We are writing to inform you that we are inviting the community to voice their opinions in recent matter of ours. Your feedback is greatly appreciated as it will go towards helping improve our content. Thank you for your time.

The TTV Podcast

“Well then, I guess there is something going on beyond an argument. Eh, but don’t worry Terrus. I won’t let this get in the way of our plans” He said reassuring Terrus.
Around dinner time, William placed an order for a large pepperoni pizza from the local pizza joint. He went to go pick it up and buy some soda, leaving Terrus alone in the apartment. Terrus was more than capable of defending himself and the apartment complex was monitored at all times. Terrus just sat there playing with his handheld video game system when he heard a knock at the door. This was odd as if it was his dad, he would have just unlocked the door. Terrus decided to remain quiet.
There was another knock. Terrus remained quiet again. Maybe the person knocking was confused and would go away soon. A third knock was heard and a slip of paper slid under the door. Terrus heard footsteps walk away as he went to go look at the piece of paper. He crept towards the paper and picked it up. It was neatly folded and brand new. Terrus unfolded it carefully and it said this:

Rough times are coming, be ready friend…

Terrus swallowed hard as he was trying to figure out what this meant. It certainly sent chills down his spine. Terrus soon realized that he must have lost track of time as he heard a knock again.
“Hey Terrus, I got the pizza. I’m coming in just a second” William called out from behind the door. Terrus quickly hid the note and went back to his handheld and tired to look normal.
“Hey dad!” Terrus said as William came in with the huge pizza.
Terrus planned to keep the note a secret for now. He did not want it to ruin the night. William and Terrus proceed to enjoy the pizza and soda. They had turned on the TV to a cartoon channel that was playing Japanese Anime at night. All of the new episodes that were on were for their favorite Anime’s, so they enjoyed those as they ate. After they were done eating, they sat on the living room couch and enjoyed the company of each other. Terrus had shifted towards his father and fell asleep on him. William looked at the clock and then looked down at Terrus and smiled. Seeing that it was his bedtime, William took Terrus to his room and tucked him into bed.
William sighed as he left his room. He had a rough idea on what Terrus was hiding as he did a poor job of hiding the note. William went to the makeshift hiding spot Terrus had made and read the note.
“Rough times are coming, be ready friend…” He read to himself. “Good lord, what are we about to get ourselves into god?” William asked as he looked outside his window at the lit up night time city. He knew trouble was brewing and soon a morbid feeling dread overtook him. It was so intense that he nearly puked. But he held it down and took a deep breath. William knew one of his friends sent this. But who? Who knew times were going to be rough? William trudged to the bathroom to brush his teeth and went straight to bed. He had decided that he would figure this out in the morning.

Tumblr: http://chaotictempleknightstory.tumblr.com/post/142334033774/ctks-ttv-civil-war-chapter-1
DeviantART: http://fav.me/d9y0chz

Author's note: I promise you that the part where Terrus asks Venom to Review one of my MOCs (that exists in real life) is NOT subliminal messaging. I just wanted to throw in a joke about people asking Ven to review stuff and a jab towards my modesty.

Anyways, I wanted to make an adaptation of the 2016 AFD civil war we had. With that said, this is a VERY loose adaptation of it taking place in an upcoming story of mine: Bionicle: Terra Magna. I figured this was a good way to get everybody introduced to the universe and to start fleshing out ideas for it.

I have proofread this twice, but let me know if there is any mistakes and I will fix them Asap. If you have any lore questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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