Curses from the Ignika

The Ignika places a curse on anyone who is not destined to wear it as long as they are in physical contact with the mask for a long enough timeframe. This leaves me with a few questions to present:

  1. Can it be assumed that the curses applied by the mask are done so through the mask’s consciousness (i.e. the consciousness of the mask embodied by Toa Ignika)?
  2. Can the mask curse a Toa that is not destined to wear it?
  3. Would Metus’ transformation into a snake by Mata Nui be considered a temporary Ignika curse, seeing that he did eventually change back into his normal Agori form after a short time away from the mask?
  4. Since Mata Nui dominated the mask’s consciousness after the reformation of Spherus Magna, can it still place curses on anyone? Linking to the first question, does Mata Nui, inside the mask, have a say in the application of a curse?)

Moving away from Ignika curses, just a general question: now that the Great Spirit Robot is no longer functioning, does the mask have any real purpose for use?

Thank you :slight_smile: