Cursor: Spirit of the Fight

Hello again! Here with a new MOC that is actually old.

Edited Video Link out. Hi there, please refrain from posting videos of your moc as it can be seen as promotion for your channel (which is reserved for Masters on the boards). Thanks! – Waj


His upper thighs seem a little bulky. But everything else looks great!

Lemon lime boi. Seriously though I love this, and the fact that the thighs are bulky doesnt bother me at all, in fact i feel like it adds to the aesthetic


Those wings look great.

I’m not sure what to say about this moc…

Other than that it is freaking amazing.

Looks great.

This looks awesome. The back looks amazing. Does the skrall weapons glow in the dark? Because if they do, this is one of the coolest things ive seen

Unfortunately, they are only the regular green ones.

This is great!

Love the use of the lime!

All I can think of.

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Love the colors and the kilt-type thing. Nice job!

^Thanks all!

Woah that is awesome. How y’all are your MOCS on metaphorical average?

what do you mean?

Sorry I meant tall lol

I used to spam group texts with the word y’all so my autocorrect changes tall to y’all.

Oh, then they are usually around 7-9 inches tall

Dang they look a lot taller than that.

well, a lot have stuff coming off them that can make them exceed 12 inches, but at the head is like 7-10

busy but still vary awesome!