Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

Louisa turns to look at Sean, her eyes lit by emotion: surprise. He was talking to her? Sitting there, asking her questions? She couldn’t pretend to understand why.

“Eet… Eet’s complecated,” she manages to stammer out. What, did he expect her to spill her entire life story?

“But, long story short, you weren’t satisfied with the way they ran things, I’d presume?” He asks.

Hans took a seat after he grabbed a few glasses of water, one for himself, and one for Louisa.

Louisa nods silently, her lips drawn tight.

“…So what would you think of helping us get rid of them?” He asked, finally getting to the chase.

She can’t help a short bark of laughter. So she had run into revolutionaries. No wonder they were sympathetic with her. She slowly starts to relax, moving her collected food onto the table piece by piece.

“I theenk you are madmen,” she retorts. “But I weell not stop you.”

“Madmen with an army in the making.” He informs her. “We have a decent following in this city, and we have people going to see if we can get Gathenian help as well.” He says, smiling. “Do you by chance know what city you’re standing in?” He asks, a seemingly obvious question that must have something else behind it.

Louisa shrugs, taking another bite of bread.

“Of course I do, but really? I don’t care. I just want to be somewhere else.” She shrugs, taking a sip of water. “And merci for the food. Even if we do not agree, I can repay you for your kindness. Nikidian currency, too; you weell need that.”

“Do you know that the name of the city means?” He continues.

Lillan dodged the bullet as he jumped into his boat.

Kasie continued to block and parry.

Ryko walked towards Sarah.

The sailor attempts to fix the boat’s track.

The Admiral keeps attacking, pushing her towards the edge.

Sarah catches another blade and yanks the man towards her, kicking her away from her. “What’s up?” She asks.

The rope was very well tied and wound thickly around the wheel. It would take many hacks of a sword to cut it.

Ryko shrugged. “Need help?” He asked.

Kasie grabbed onto the rigging and began climbing, sheathing her sword.

Seeing his ship going away, The Admiral went to tend to it before it left him behind.

As the boards started to wobble, Sarah hopped down onto the ship once more. “It’d be nice!” She said.

Ryko nodded and began to assist her with whatever she needed help with.

Lillan piloted his ship towards the Blood Moon.

Louisa shrugs. The revolutionary was persistent, she had to give him that. And if he wasn’t going to hurt her, what harm was there in humoring him?

“I do not,” she admits. “Sometheeng… speecial, non?”

The Admiral’s retreat marked that of the rest of his crew, as well, as the ship piloted itself away, the boards that weren’t saved falling into the ocean. Sarah sighs in relief. “Well, guess we’re good for a bit, at least.” She said, sitting down on the deck.

Sean nodded. “Kenasa, it means the center of Kena. Do you know what Kena is? Or, what it was?”

Kasie clambered down from the netting and leaned against the side of the boat, watching Sarah.

Ryko sheathed his sword and folded his arms, surveying the deck of the ship.

Lillan followed the Blood Moon.

Lousia snorts. " 'ow could I not? Eet eez not like ze government wants us to forget. 'ow zey gobbled up a tiny leetle country because zey could." Even through her thick accent, her voice conveys nothing but scorn.

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“So maybe we don’t see so differently after all.” He said, smiling, after hearing how she spoke.

Sarah looks over at Kasie. “Yes?” She asks.

Kasie said nothing, although she continued to watch Sarah and, by some extent, Ryko as well.
Ryko turned his gaze towards the sun, squinting to see it.

Louisa slowly shakes her head, folding her arms as a wry smile crosses her face. “Non. I want to put thees all behind me. You want to fight.” She points an accusing finger at Sean.