Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time(RP Topic)

Word of the latest war between the two nations had entered Kenasa not even a week before today. The people aligned with either nation had heard, and upon hearing, started the fight long before the army arrived. As such, even with the force on their doorstep, the people of Kenasa, and the guards stationed there, were too busy with internal affairs to deal with the oncoming army.

The first person to notice the oncoming force was a young lady, probably not even 20, of red hair and fiery attitude. She saw them arriving from the highest patio of the many layered city. Upon seeing it, she rushed down to the streets, which were still recovering from the latest scuffle, yelling at the top of her lungs. “They’re here!” She says, her accent somewhere between the coarse and the refined(Her accent is some mix of Irish and British). “The Nikidian army’s here!”

Commander Jacques looked on at the city as he and his corp followed their commanding officers. He smirked, ready to take the city. History had shown that this was always the one most easily taken, and he was looking forward to it.

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Moenir took his crossbow and loaded the crossbow and aimed at his target. He watches the action from a high tower in the city. Knowing he’s not close enough, Moenir, unloads the bolt, packing it into a small leather pouch, filled with other crossbow bolts. He climbs down the tower, practically running down the steps.

His target was a dealer in the black market. This dealer sold illegal arms and other hard to get items. Moenir had found a bounty earlier this week and began studying his target, trying to find ways to easily kill him and take the money. Though now he has a time limit, who knows if he can complete his task before the Nikidian Army invaded.

Moenir bursts through the heavy, worn, wooden door, from the building which held the small tower. Time was running out to claim that bounty. The target would most likely leave before the army invaded.


There are few phrases more loaded than “They’re here.”

Maybe some variety of expletives directed at a particular person can be loaded, but “they’re here” can be positive, negative, happy, sad… scared. It was perhaps not the smartest thing to muse about while stalking down a chaotic alleyway in a city that grew up as much as out, but it was the first thought that came to Skieros’ mind as he made his way away from the port.

His ship, the Eclipse, was docked for repairs in the city, his crew on leave god-knew-where, and from his room overlooking the ocean he had seen the sails closing in on the city hours before the land troops had neared.

It still wasn’t enough time to escape, however. And so he found himself stalking down this alleyway, the frantic shouting and clashing of steel echoing around him from both above and below as the city turned itself inside out. Normally, he would be revelling in the chaos around him, but with the Nikidian army on their way, and his usual method of escape currently out of commission, the opportunity for revelry was significantly diminished. Skieros sighed, flipped his sword into his left hand, drew a pistol with his right, and headed into the street.

“Well this is going to be a right pain.”

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Moenir chases his target through the streets. He swore silently, his presence had already became known and his target was fleeing, adding with the invading soldiers, this wasn’t going to be fun. Moenir breaks off of the chase and decides that there will be another job and it wasn’t worth the risk.

He traverses in the city, looking for a good spot to see the invading army and how it would best dealt.

Asher was away when it happened.

He was at Darsa getting goods for his parents’ shop when he overheard a couple of strangers.
“Have you heard? The Nikidians are heading up North.”
“Yeah, the lot of ‘em just passed through me shop, demandin’ food to feed their army.”
Asher stopped in his tracks when he heard that. The Nikidians were heading North? That could only mean one thing. He ran to his horse in the stables, mounted it, and raced to Kenasa.

Out of character:
So, as I mentioned, I’m leaving on a trip today, so this will keep Asher busy while I’m away.


Sarah ran out towards the outskirts, ready to try her best to head off the army, but she’s cut off by a Nikidian sympathizer, drawing his sword. “Not so fast, girlie. We’re taking this city back.”

She draws both of her daggers, the blades sheening as wind whistles ever so slightly through the hooked holes in the back. “Ey, no you’re not.” She tells him. She runs at him.

The oncoming force stops, readying for their assault. Commander Jacques turns back to his troops, looking down at them from atop his horse. “C’est magnifique, oui?” He says to them. “Ce sera à nouveau notre. Es-tu prêt!” His troops cheer him, as the other commanders finish their speeches. “Maintenant, sur le flanc gauche!”

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Moenir ends up near the city walls and ends up seeing some of the Nikidian soldiers. He grabs his rapier. He holds it out and gets into position.

Jacques and his corp move towards him. “Hello.” He says. “We are here to take zis city for ze roi. Surrender quietly or you will non live to regret it.” He says, his accent thick and his troops behind him.

Sarah blocks the jab of the attacker’s rapier, and the blade falls into the hooks on the back of hers, her turning it to pin the blade as she goes in with a slash at the man’s wrist on his dominant side.

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“Regret what, if you think I’m a denizen here then you’re very wrong, I’m just a merchant from Gathens and I prefer not to be clumped in with this riff-raff.”

“Zen step aside, and let us recapture our city.” He tells him.

Marsadan guards approach the wall. “Do not think we will give away our city without a fight!” One calls down.

The man drops his sword as he cradles his wounded hand, likely to bleed out within a short time, as Sarah loosens the grip on the blade and the rapier drops, her heading closer to the walls.

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Moenir sheathes his sword,
“I’ll shall do nothing then.”
He went to the side of the road.

“Zank you for your cooperacion.” He tells him as he draws his pistol. “We will never surrender our city to you! Vive la Nikidia!” He shoots at one of the guards, whose face is grazed. It quickly erupts into an all-out gunfight on the street.

Sarah hears the gunshots and stops, hiding in an alley. “Oi, don’t go gettin yerself killed!” She warns herself, thinking of her next course of action.

Ryko stalked down the streets towards the sound of gunfire. He smiled as he neared, eager to shoot at something. He turns onto a street, to see a full-on gunfight.
“This is where it gets fun…” he growls. He pulls out both pistols and fires at the Nikidian soldiers. He reloads his pistols and holsters one, before grabbing a vial with a pleasant pink fluid… whose effect on the human body was far from pleasant.

Some Nikidian soldiers turn towards him, and start firing. Two fire first, trying to avenge their one comrade that was fell by Ryko, while another drags away the wounded second one. “Anozer attacker!” One calls.

Meanwhile, other sides of the city are also assaulted by the rest of the forces sent there, stretching the guards thin as sympathizers also join in their fight.

Sarah runs up next to Ryko, firing at one of the oncoming soldiers, before ducking behind him for cover to reload.

Ryko laughs harshly.
“Bad choice, boy.” he calls to the one who shouted. he threw the vial towards the two soldiers, before firing at the soldier who shouted. He glanced behind him.
“Glad to know I’m of use.” he remarked to Sarah sarcastically.

“Oi, I saved yer hide from a bullet, ye should be thankin me!” She tells him as she gets up and fires at another, before drawing a swordbreaker dagger and readying to go in once one stops to reload.

Jacques sees the non soldier fighters, but pays no mind at the moment, seeing the guards as a bigger threat.

The one guard was grazed on the cheek, shocking him temporarily, while the soldiers jumped back, still geting splashed with some of the chemical.

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Ryko snorted.
“Yet I’ve downed a soldier and wounded another… oh, wait a second.” He smiled as the chemical would begin to burn the two soldiers, the chemical being acid mixed with coloring to disguise it.
He loaded his pistol and fired both of them again into the group, not caring to aim.

One of the soldiers took note of Sarah and fired at her, his face contorted in anger amidst the heat of the battle. A few of the guards drew cutlasses and various melee weapons, and charged into the group of soldiers, screaming at the top of their lungs.

She was hit in the arm, gasping, as she fired at him as well, running up while he reloads and jabbing with her swordbreaker dagger.

Jacques fires his pistol at one of the guards, before drawing his blade and, still atop his horse, running through, stabbing at guards.

OOC: Note that most of the military people on both sides wield muskets, not pistols, unless high-ranking officers.


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Ryko fired his pistols again into the crowd.

Two soldiers fell, their wounds bleeding.

The soldier Sarah attacked clutched his chest as she stabbed. He pulled out a small knife and jabbed up towards her.

The guard grabs his shoulder, yelling in pain.

She jumped back as she put away her pistol and drew her other dagger, holding defensively.

Two guards fired at Ryko. However, most fighting had devolved into melee by now, as people rushed in between reloadings.

Jacques continued his assaults, slashing at any opposing head he past, sustaining few injuries himself. “Push forwards!” He ordered.