Cusp of a New Era: Tales of Heroes Past - Elest

(This story is meant to be a mythological legend in the world of Cusp of a New Era: Stories of a Changing Time. However, no former knowledge of that world is necessary to enjoy the story, in my opinion.)


The man of the sea. The ambition of man

In times past, men of Sadnadia would set foot on only land, never to venture further than the shore. They never had the chance to ride the waves.
Until Elest.

Elest was never satisfied with the land beneath his feet, always gravitating to the northern shore. From that shore he would swim farther than any other could, and on it he would build floating pieces of wood to attempt to brave the deep, unforgiving blue of the sea ahead of him.
One day, he had constructed a wooden structure with which he could float above the water without getting wet, what has nowadays become known as the Sadnadian world’s first boat. He would float the shore for hours, showing off his newest creation to any who could see. One day, he made a bold choice that many would have labeled insane: He decided to leave the shore behind, floating into the open water ahead of him with nothing but a harpoon, a quill, and a blank map.
On his voyage into the blue unknown, he eventually encountered a giant wall of stone jutting out of the glistening water below. Along it he travelled until he reached an opening, mapping the layout all the way. When he neared the opening, the water stirred and churned, opening into a massive vortex. It took all the effort Elest could muster to fight the sea’s wrath, yet he managed to escape the pull, out of which he saw large tentacles, made of both water and beast, rise up and stir the water, followed by a large, hulking, humanoid creature, topped with hair white as rushing rapids, eyes dark as moonlit water, a strong frame, and a body below the waist that was that of a sea beast.
“Who dares set foot in the waters, where men have no domain?” The hulking beast commanded.
“Elest, the one who will make it our domain!” The seafarer responds, confidence exuding from his being. “I have with me the weapon that will be your undoing!” He says, raising his harpoon.
The beastly man-creature simply laughed. “You dare challenge Krakos, God of the Sea, with a mortal weapon?” He asked. “I will be fair.” He muses after thinking for a time. “You will get the first strike, and I will fight unarmed.
And so, without hesitation, Elest took the first strike, throwing the harpoon straight at Krakos’ eye. As it hit, Krakos screamed in pain and smashed his hands into Elest’s boat, sinking it instantly. However, Elest, the quick thinker he was, jumped from the boat and onto Krakos’ hand, from which he climbed up his arm and to his face, ripping the harpoon from Krakos’ eye.
The fight continued for what seemed like ages, Elest stabbing at different parts of Krakos’ body with the harpoon and ripping it out, dodging the grasping hands ready to throw him to a watery fate the moment they their way onto his mortal body.
Within enough time, and enough battering, Krakos finally grabs the vicious man, lifting him up to his face, still struggling.
“You have fought with great ferocity, as well as such foolish ambition.” He tells Elest. “And as such, you have gained my respect.”
The water below Elest split open, and out of it rose the pieces of his boat, pieced together with what seemed to be ice. Krakos set Elest down into the boat. “This boat will hold together long enough for you to reach shore. However, I expect one thing in return.” He booms. In his hand materializes a golden harpoon, wreathed by a swirl of water, interspersed with small crystals of ice. “You will become my Champion, and fight in and protect my name wherever you may go.” He told Elest. “And to do so, you will use Aqpierce, my harpoon, and Symbol of the Gods. No matter how far you throw it, it can be pulled back to you, and within it is held the power of the waters. Use it well mortal. Now, return to shore and tell of our encounter. Instill me within the hearts of man once more.” And with that, the God of the Sea sank back into his domain, leaving his Champion to return to shore.
Upon his return, Elest told of the voyage and left his map, only to fix up his boat, teaching the people how to build them themselves, and ready to sail off again, this time saying he was determined to pass through the pass he found.
That was the last anyone had seen or heard from him, his Symbol of the Gods disappearing with him. To honor the man who had opened mankind to the sea, his name was given to the water, pass, and oceanic wall that he had discovered, making his name live on with man in the Sea of Elest, Elestian Ridge, and Elest’s Pass for generations to come.