Custom Bionicle


Actually, it loks really nice. If there is a chance to smoothen the clay parts and colouring the bright red pieces to fit more with the dark/metru red colour it would look even better (in my opinion at least).

Yea I’m working on that and I’m probably gonna end up painting the feet because they do stand out and I’m probably gonna do a print for the chest

You’d like to have? I know I am! 9/10

Thanks :100::joy:

The custom mask look cool
Is that a painted gearbox lift arm?
Overall I think this moc is neat :thumbsup:

Also welcome to boards!

Painted gear box and thanks :fist:

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I like the way the clay gives of a weathered appearance.

Yea I like that to

Save him.

This certainly looks cool, but I really don’t like heresy modding pieces.

Yea true but this is how I make my own Bionicles

That’s pretty neat. The mask is probably the most interesting part about him.

Yea I worked on that for a while

Apart from the custom pieces, it’s not very interesting, but it looks fine. 8/10

I’m not sure if this is a Tahu Revamp or not…

But it’s pretty neat regardless. The custom look of the mask and i think chestplate look different from a lot of the MOC, which gives it a bit of a inconsistent look, which is my only real nitpick.

That’s all I have to say about this MOC.

The custom parts look really nice.