Custom Halo reach avatar figure + Ghosty's profile/bio

I obviously took some liberties with the design,such as the belt thignie
the character is supposed to be female,by the way.
it was painted from a transparent figure also

more pictures:


Name: Ghosty

Likes: Music,helping people.

dislikes: skull spiders,evil things in general.

gender: male.

Element: Artificially made steel element.

Personnality: Ghosty is mostly silent and doesn't talk alot most of the time,but when he's around friends and people he likes,he's a generally fun guy and likes to joke alot.

powers: He has the ability to morph into liquified steel,which allows him to take any shape he wants,and as such is very good in stealth operations.


Ghosty crashed on Okoto with powers over no element,so he modified himself his mask with various things he found on the island, so it can contain powers. after that he started his job as a toa,defending the villagers.

Ghosty was a toa created by the great beings as an experiment by mixing steel with liquified protodermis,and was put in the matoran universe for them to see what he will do. Ghosty didn't know what he was,and thus "decided" to be a toa,and help others.