Custom Halo Stealth Spartan (Spartan Enforcer)

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#Do you guys want me to start posting topics with custom Call of Duty Mega Construx figures? I have a few done already and they’re better than the Halo and Destiny ones, but I’m on the fence about posting them.
This is the final of the three custom Spartans. This one has the hardest weapons to photograph btw (I couldn’t have picked a worse color for the details)

Without further ado, here is the figure:

####The Figure
Front view:

Right side view:

Back view

Left side view:


The SMG top view:

The Assault Rifle

Front view:

Back view:

Side view:

####Action Pose with the other two:


go ahead and post your heart out!

I would only suggest would be to take a before/after pic, and perhaps some WIP pics as well.