Custom Halo Stealth Spartan (Spartan Warmaster)

You all are going to get mad at me, but there I was, sitting on my porch, painting various things outside because it was a nice day and I wasn’t going to paint inside. Don’t judge me. Anyway, I started to disassemble the Taken Captain to paint it (I’m painting each part individually) when I noticed that another figure really needed another coat of paint because some green was showing through. Not going to lie, the original figure’s wash looked better, but the new version’s paint job is better. Also, the wash shows up better on the camera than in real life. It’s not actually that bright.

####I’m probably not going to do a V2 because I set the figure down somewhere dark and now I can’t find it. You’ll see what I mean.

I have 3 of this guy:

The green plastic looks really awful in real life, so i decided to paint it black.

Front view:

Right side view:

Back view:

Left side view:

Close up of the shotgun:

Right side view:

Left side view:

Top view:

Sorry @Morgy, but making this figure is my way of procrastinating the Taken Captain project. I’ll probably do it when I make a House of King’s Shank later this week.

If it’s any consolation, here is a bird I saw the other day:


Have been watching your customs for quite awhile now must say you do a splendid job as always

Thank you so much.

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No problemo!

i mean its not bad but i just looks like you spray painted him black

I should have used spray paint. That would have saved me like 2 hours of work with tiny paint brushes. Oh well, too late to stop using the tiny brushes now.