Custom head attempt

My first attempt at making a custom head/mask, yeah it looks pretty weird, don’t really know what exactly I was going for, trying to make the Gresh arm plate work like fangs on the rahkshi head.

Inner skeleton glimpse

Little glimpse of how I got the head and such to attach together, I’ll do a more detailed photo of you want.

Going to have to use this somewhere now that I think about it.


Maybe make it into a GR Rahkshi Lerahk Snake like everybody’s been talking about? That’s a thing that’s been going on lately.

It’s more of a custom body attempt than a head.
The build have a unique for G1 ecstatic- (im aware of the ccbs shell used)

@Square hmm yeah I guess you’re right, still I could make a body for it, it would just need massive shoulders or something to even it out.

@Ghidora131 I have actually never heard of that before, I’ll check it out, maybe I will use it on that.

@Toa_Vladin Kinda like a neck covering or something like that, I just put it on to hide the neck.

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The Metru foot represents a neck or what?