Custom hero factory heros wave 2

Crusher: A hot headed but smart hero, crusher is armed with a plasma blaster cannon, a energy pistol, and a point breaker spike.

Spike: A smart Hero armed with a spiked plasma blaster based of of exploud’s armor. He is quick and pull some tricks when backed into a corner.

Crash: Crash is based off of stormer’s best qualities but faster and stronger. He usually goes on solo missions but helps teams when needed. He is armed with an energy bow and an energized ice blaster.


These all have good concept.



But what?

Yeah? But what?

Oh I thought you were going to say something else since it seemed like you didn’t finish your scentance.

Oh no I wasn’t that’s it

Ok, I guess I didn’t understand

This mocs could be pretty cool, but my main problem is the color scheme.

Each build is simple but mostly effective. Spike’s color scheme stands out to me as pretty good, while Crusher’s is too bland and Crash’s red accents don’t fit with the figure.