Custom hero factory heros

My custom hero factory heros

Fireblade: The rookie of skill team he is built for suport, scouting, and rescue. His long legs and light armor help him cover ground faster. His is armed wit fire sizors.

Shocker: Shocker is a hero built for medical and defensive use. He is armed with one energized plasma cannon and a jet pack. He is kind and the strongest of skill team.

Quantum: Quantum is the leader of skill team. He is also part of the heart recon team. He is stern, but caring and gentle. With his experience, he can take on any villain. He is armed with a energy shield blaster and a plasma blaster with an extra power cell.

Hope you like my Mocs because more are on the way.


Quantum’s probably my favorite.

The last one looks pretty good, the fist could use some more armor, and the second could use better colors. If it is due to lack of pieces, use bricklink,

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Shocker is my favorite

Quantum is my favorite. He looks more polished than the others.

Fireblade could use some back armor and just more armor in general. The color scheme’s a bit strange looking in my opinion.

The keetorange torso armor piece on Shocker’s shoulder looks out of place, as does the green ammo for the gun.

Other than those minor complaints, I do like these guys. Good job.

Fireblade is supposed to have a lack of armor, but thanks for the advice.

Oh, I see the look you were going for.

However, I still think you should add some kind of back armor because he looks kind of unfinished.

I would also recommend switching out the blue bones for black or gray ones.

Thanks for the advice.

The last two looks like real sets, but the first one is destroyed by the messy color scheme.

Thanks I guess

Oh and I made a new version of Quantum.
Quantum XL!

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I’d like to see it!

I already uploaded it

I realized that shortly after I posted that comment.


Where is him?