Custom hero factory villains wave 2




I got lazy

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They are too messy. Way too messy.



Flamethrower is probably the best put of the three, but that’s not much of an acomplisment. The open back is bad, and the head sticks out like a sore thumb on top of the very lonk neck. The other lime piece is appreciated, but does very little to fix the colors. Not to mention the actual flamethrower seems pretty slapped on. If you want a good flamethrower design, the exo force Fire Vulture set has one. Although it is rather small, with some tweaking it could work.

Electron is seems to have a decent build, except for his left arm and the tail. Those completely breaks the color scheme, and is a mess of wires.

Antimatter’s entire body lacks a color scheme. He also suffers from the open back.


These are basic builds, and oh boy, are the colors all over the place. If you want to do HF builds, I have nothing wrong with that, but focus more on making a consistent color scheme that helps portray the character. As it stands, the last two have up to 13 different colors on them. I highly recommend slimming down that number by a lot.

Perhaps paint the parts a bit.

Perhaps don’t be a heretic


Heretic for live.

I don’t paint parts