Custom Lego Arkham Knight: Batman

I haven’t seen anything like custom lego minifigures on the boards before (sorry if there are and I haven’t seen them) so I thought it’d be cool to post some! Here’s a custom Lego Batman based off of is interpretation in Batman: Arkham Knight. He is almost entirely sculpted and painted by me, exclusions being the hair, the base face, the vambraces and the cape. The vambraces from Brickforge and the cape is from CapeMadness.

I’d love to hear your thoughts!


That is pretty awesome dude.


A really great custom fig. The cowl looks just a bit a bit odd to me, but still good.

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The ears are sorta jarringly big for me, though.

Pretty impressive, but the ears are a bit big.

Thanks for all the comments and feedback! I’ll be sure to work on the ears! :slight_smile:

Eh, too much sculpting, not really a fan of when people sculpt that much onto a minifig, but I gotta say it is well done. :smile:

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Cool. :thumbsup: Never been a fan of sculpted-on plating, but it looks good. Reminds me more of this though: