Custom Made Infected Hau

-Warning, don't do this at home or whatever unless you are willing to deal with the risk of potential bodily harm or a ruined kanohi and/or other property-
So with a lighter, a sharpy, and a pair of scissors- I took a slightly damaged, bent, spare grey Kanohi Hau from the Takanuva set and made this!


Oh that looks cool. Well done.

Man I might just buy one to try it!

It looks cool,
Did you melt parts of the plastic?

Indeed I did.
I would just say "Yep." but posts have to be at least 5 characters.

looks great! Try more!

Man, this made me really want to go on bricklink, order some grey Haus, and do this.
But first comes step 1, get some money...

I wonder if I can revive this topic...

That would be cool...

So like the Hau and stuff... Looks pretty cool infected...

Geez whatever happen to commanderspence and jordanwill?

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