Custom Matoran Build

I made this little guy a while ago. The feet, back, and upper arms are made by Galva. The torso is a series of connectors connecting to a tohunga torso with a custom matoran torso covering the back.
the arms while really posable, cannot go in some directions. (sorry that the last picture is missing the inika cover)


I like how you integrated the matoran torso piece
Nice job!

thank you! The chest was gonna be bare but some people on discord advised that it would look better if there were an inika cover over the chest. It also allowed me to give it a heartlight.

How would one go about downloading those parts from Galva?
(And got any advice for if you’re using a Mac?)

Nevermind,- I managed to get it sorted. :+1:

Great job on the Matoran, BTW! :+1:

Aww this is a cutie (possibly not what you were going for!).

Also just a heads up, that’s not a Tohunga chest piece, it’s the Matoran torso from 2003. The Tohunga/McToran torso is:

I love it!