Custom Mega Bloks/Construx Destiny 'Batman'....sorta.

Blasphemy! Mega Bloks on a Lego fan site?

This is a quick little custom job I did last night on a Mega Bloks/Construx Destiny figure. I was kinda going for a Batman-esque look, I’m not quite sure if I succeeded though.

I haven’t figured out what to call him yet, but I think I might use him for future YouTube videos. The paint job was done with gundam paint markers, which may count for exposed spots in certain places.

While I have never played Destiny, I do love their design aesthetic, and I especially love the Mega Construx figures.

Is this a good time to admit that…I like Mega Bloks micro action figures more than Lego minifigures…?

Head, cape, and chest armor came from a Lion’s Vigil Hunter.


Hey, this is neat!

I like the figures too, but the sets in general are meh.

Keep it up!
You should do more.


Hey, that’s prety neat. Good job.

Dang, that’s sick! You kow, this brings up an interesting conundrum. Would something like this go under lego creations or artwork? It’s not Lego, it’s Mega Construx, but it’s still brick-built. Sometimes knock-off parts are heavily used in MOCs… keeps me up at night, I tell ya😂