Custom Nidihki

This Toa Nihdiki is pretty much someone else's idea, but it was pretty simple enough to make and I copied it.
But stay tuned for the Mutated Nidihki!

And here's my custom Nidihki:

Once a team, next enemies....

I'm sure my MOC needs better features in some areas, so what are you're thoughts?


I imaged Toa Nidihki to look EXACTLY like your MOC. Congrats! Oh, and I L-O-V-E the revamp, some grey pieces are faded, but it is an extraordinary job. wink


To be honest, the Toa Nihdiki was someone else's idea, but that still doesn't change the fact that it looks cool.

As for my Nidihki, I'm glad you liked it. I'll be sure to change him soon. smile
I would rather have had all the grey turned to black.

Might have agreed with the black. But thats how I imagined Nidhiki. Good job anyways! smile

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166Eric? Anyways Nice Nidihki!

That Nihdiki looks like the one made by Metru Nui Legacy.

Point is, gents, that Toa Nidhiki has been done to death. It's a common MOC, and most do it exactly like how Kretta's done it.

The Mutated Revamp, though, is really cool looking, and the bright green Rahkshi backs oddly match his eye piece, so yeah, good job, man. Also, cool way of switching up the launchers. I like this one.


Wow! I never knew you could have imagined that a Thornax Launcher could be used as a substitute for a disk launcher for a Vahki head!

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I dunno. I like the disk launcher in there better.

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Same. But I cut the guy some slack for originality.

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I really like the REVAMP of the dark hunter Nidhiki. xD

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Thanks for all the great feedback smiley
If you thought this one was cool, I think I'll blow your socks off with my next one smile

But, before I post it, how do I link posts?

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Both forms look pretty good. The Toa form does look quite a bit like mine, though...

@Kretta Oh, that's easy. Just select the text you want to be the link, click the "link" button in the editor, and then insert the URL.

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It look's cool nice job I like the New launcher 😀😁