Custom painted black Hero factory brain

Yep I did this. Made myself one after I saw an image of the actual one and really wanted it.


I have the actual physical version of this. I can say first hand that this is a fairly spot on paint job.

@Zero Thanks, this was one of my most delicate paint jobs, really didn’t want to mess it up.

@Toa_Vladin Yeah I can’t really, don’t got the money for it so I make my own.

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You can by it…

Did the paint effect the flexibility of the brain? If not, what paint did you use?

So far it hasn’t really affected much (despite some mild flaking here and there), sure I can’t go and twist/bend the tail really crazy like and all but it can still be messed with a good amount without any (noticeable) repercussions. As for the paint, I’m fairly certain it was just a standard plastic/