Custom Painted Skull Spider masks

I’ve been working on these for awhile now, and it’s about time I post some to the boards. I originally had 5, but then I liked painting them and I bought 33 more off of bricklink. So here they are:

Ghost Rider kind of mask:

Glossy black on the trans. orange 2015 hau looks nice

These were the first two I ever painted:

I will take requests for designs and color combos. But which one(s) is your favorite so far?


what did you use for painting them? it looks like you used nail polish or something like that, doesnt seems like it sticks well to the surface of the masks

Oil based paints. The paint actually sticks well.

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yellow and black looks like the more natural one, the rest are pretty cool too!

That ghost rider one is particularly impressive IMO. Great job on these.

They looks soooooooo awesome!!!

My favorite has to be the dark blue-green and gold one. Well done here!

It’s hard picking a favorite because all their designs look so nice.

Either the Ghost Rider one or the green with red highlights are my favorite. You should do one like the American flag.

Great Idea! I’ll message you once I finish something like that (might be awhile). I will update the topic as well.

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Dang, dude, these all look sick!

Very nice indeed.

I like the one with flames.

I’ll keep that in mind,

I don’t really like when people color in the eyes of the Spiders, makes it look goofy. Just a personal opinion.

Ironically, though, my favorite one is the brown/yellow one. The middle rdge being yellow gives it a super-hero feel, like… the Yellow Hornet, or something.


from a person who only makes custom painted MOC’s these r cool, ever tried model paints ?

I mostly use the oil-based paints, I’ll see about using the model paints, though.

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they work nicer and give a good finish