Custom painted skull spider

First time i paint a lego. I really like how it came out. Do you guys like it? What should I improve on? Let me know


that’s a nice paint job

it’s like a constructicon

Thank you for your feedback

You know honestly after going through that Activity Book with all the different colored Skull Spiders and seeing this it makes me wonder why they didn’t release like little mini-packs with different colored Skull Spiders like they did with Kraata and Krana back in the day, they would’ve have been perfect small sets for kids to buy with pocket money while their parents could buy them the larger sets.

But anyhow, looking at this I think your paint job is very good though I find the Purple/Violet clashes with the green that comes from the Skull Spider, but maybe it just reminds me too much of Quake Beast :confused: That said I do like the use and patterning choices and I’d like to see more of these from you for sure!

You might want to think your paints a bit, the central band is a bit bumpy.

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I think it looks more interesting if it was a blue Skull Spider. I don’t really like the color scheme. But it look very well done! Do you do more? If yes, show me!

Very nice.

me being a MOC’ist who specialises in painted MOC’s this looks good, some of the paint is iffy, but for the first mask you have painted it is very cool :slight_smile: well done my dude 8 Origan fingers out of 10