Custom Parts in showing up weird

I’ve noticed lately that a few of my custom parts in are showing up as unfinished or featureless shapes (don’t know how else to describe them). I’ve used them before and didn’t have any problems, but upon coming back to them after some time, I’ve noticed that they’ve started to look like this.

Note that my is fully updated and I have my custom parts in the AppData folder etc. Again, I’ve only started having this issue recently and have only noticed it on three of my Custom Parts (I have a lot though, so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it). The parts in question are the Inorganic Calix and Sanok by Khingk and the Skakdi Huna by Rothanak. I even downloaded the recent edition of Rothanak’s mask pack which the Skakdi Huna comes from and I’m still having this issue.


The same thing has happened to me, for the same parts oddly enough. Hopefully someone can give you a fix; the only thing I’ve thought of has been to delete and reinstall the specific parts packs. Of course, that’s easier said than done, so I haven’t checked to see if that works lol


It’s the most recent update of studio which doesn’t like higher poly models. I can send you lower poly versions in like a mini pack to replace any of my models if you send me a list of the problem models


Thank you. I figured it was probably an update that was the cause. When I find the time, I’ll go through and see which parts have the issue and send you a list. Just started my last college semester, so it might be a while. But thank you again!