Custom Protector and Islander Torsos

Hello! This is a topic for my custom Protector Torsos, which as well can be used for Islanders.

##Female Torso ##
I found a way to make the torso more “curvy” by adding technic parts instead of CCBS Armor. I still gave the torso the censored pieces from Korgot. The technic pieces can be found in various themes. I’m pretty sure I got these parts from Atlantis and Hero Factory.

You’ll be seeing this torso design in one of my upcoming MOCs.

Islander Torso (Variant 1)

This torso is an Islander Torso design that’s built similary to the female torso, but it’s a little simpler and a bit more cleaner. This could likely be used on children islanders. (I am aware of the new armor add on, but IMO, it looks a little too big for a child.)

Islander Torso (Variant 2)

This one is very similar to the Female Torso, but it’s beefed up a bit more for a masculine feel.

Hammer Flush Warrior Torso

This is the Islander Torso (Variant 2) modified with a chest to make it look bulkier and stronger. I may add a Gearbox, but that hasn’t been confirmed to be used on hammer flush warriors.

Thanks for Viewing! More Coming Soon!


Not sure how the colors will look with all of the bushings and stuff, but I suppose it’s worth a shot!


wait wat…

The 3 Length CCBS Shells is what I meant by that. I hope those don’t become the G2 Nuva Shoulders and Rahkshi Heads.

Oh crud, I hope I haven’t started a trend. :open_mouth:

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Very noice. But like @Garnira said, the bushings and axle holes from the technic bits you used might not flow well with CCBS.


Thanks for the constructive criticism! I appreciate it. Though the bushings and axle holes may feel out of place, but I have tried a couple of these methods in real life, and they don’t look too bad. :smiley: