Custom Sculpted Mask

This is my first attempt at making a custom mask. This one is supposed to be what Metalhead’s mask is like. It’s sculpted over the top of a marhi visor with an epoxy putty called milliput. It’s a little too small for my selfmoc, so I will have to resculpt a slightly bigger version later. This one will probably be put on a ‘matoran’ version of Metalhead.

This looks a little weird

A closeup. Sorry about the slightly blurry picture.

It’s not perfect, but it’s okay for a first try. There will definitely be more masks, as I still have a ton more putty.


I have finished the re-sculpt. The texture is a bit weird on this one. I’ll eventually strip the paint and airbrush on another coat. Brushing on by hand has been kind of hit or miss. This one looks a lot better for Metalhead’s size.

Next to it’s inspiration.


it looks cool and all, but it lacks texture, it’s way to plain, dont know

@Asriel Thanks for the feedback! It probably could use a third layer of texture, or maybe a few panel lines. I’ll keep this in mind when resculpting it.


I don’t think it’s texture it lacks, it’s more detailed than most 01 masks, what it lacks is definition, all the details are shallow and the edges are slightly too rounded, as well, the detail is centered around the edges leaving the center rather bland, I think adding an 01 style mouth-hole-dent-thing would balance the design and bring the whole design together.

looks a bit square-ish and it’d really need something where the mouth should be or idk,it’s way too plain

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No one complains about my armor in that regard.

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nah dude your armor has some stuff going on but yknow @ZiontyroMetalhead’s is like really smooth and uh… empty? i dunno how to say it

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The mask can work, and probably work well, but having it next to a greebled chest makes it seem out-of-place. Make the chest and legs a bit more smooth like the arm armour or CCBS pieces and i think it’d help with the remarks about the smoothness of the mask.

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That mask is really well done, especially for a first try!

@Payinku @Ghosty @Scarilian @MrCod Ok. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Hopefully this will solve everyone’s worry, or at least help. A few panel lines were added, and a little shading was put on the lower layer to help with depth again.

My selfmoc should be revamped soon, so the mask will better fit in with his theme.


Kinda looks like a G2 Inika, unusual to see a good custom mask that wasn’t made by Shapeway.

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@Square Thanks! Shapeways is the better way to go if you want a nearly perfect mask. I just like making things with my hands, so this route feels more natural to me. It is based somewhat on the inika. That’s my favorite shaped mask from G1.

Yeah this looks better

@Ghosty Thanks for the feedback! This is the direction I will go in for the resculpt.


Here is the rescupted mask. The details are raised a bit more, but I need to redo the paint. The brush left some weird texture.

It is much better proportioned than the other one.


The improved definition really improves the appearance.

I actually kinda like this better than some of the shapeways masks. The texture gives it kind of a hand forged look or something.

@Payinku Thanks. I don’t think shading is necessary for this one.

@spudyeisleycreations That is one plus that comes from hand sculpting. It gives the maker’s touch that a mechanical design doesn’t.