Custom Skakdi "Mlakk"

This is my MOC which I named Mlakk.

He, in my story, was second in command of the Skakdi. The first being the warlord Nektann.

His main personality trait was loyalty.
But, he was only loyal to those who agreed with him. So, basically he was loyal when he wanted to be loyal.

Mlakk was also very easily swayed. When Nektann wanted something done and Mlakk did it in a way that Nektann disagreed with, Nektann either compelled him with words,"Do it NOW!" or clobbered him.

He, out of all Skakdi was the fastest and most agile which made up for his strength. Nektann was still the strongest.

Mlakk, like all Skakdi, was very fearless or ignorant, so when it came to getting a job done he was always at the head of the charge, mostly because he shoved aside any Skakdi who got in his way.

The only time Mlakk wasn't at the helm was when Nektann was there.

Mlakk always had, what he considered, a good relationship between him and Nektann.

But this all changed when The Battle of the Great Spirit took place.

As you should know, Nektann was defeated by Tahu and the rest of the Skakdi surrendered.

Mlakk did not surrender and decided his loyalty with Nektann had ended. "Our great leader fell to a Toa!?!", he said to the crowd of Skakdi around him,"Nektann is no longer our leader! Follow me we shall fight another day under my command!"

He and his relatively small band of leftover Skakdi escaped.

So, without further adeu!
Here he is:

Double dagger action here!

Vezok and Mlakk STAREDOWN!!!

So, what's you're biggest complaint?
Anything you would've done different?
Who do you think wins the staredown?

I hope you like him smile


You broke Riedak's spine to make this?! Not that it's a bad MOC or anything, trust me, it's wonderful!

But you broke a BIONICLE piece that they wouldn't ever manufacture again!

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Well when you put it that way...

Well basically I intend to use every piece.

For example, his knees have his shoulder pads, his back has the spine and his head is hanging on my trophy wall.

I know it's being used for the right intentions, and don't get me wrong, I like the MOC. I just happen to dislike when people ruin their pieces. It's just a personal thing, ya know?


Yah... I guess I would say in my defense:

I didn't want to, but I did it. I was very remorseful though.

But, then it sounds like how a murderer would defend his actions in court.

At least I'm not a murderer. smiley

Just a BIONICLE murderer...

Even though I'm very sensitive about my pieces myself, if he regrets it he can always buy another on the internet. I believe that Piraka spines aren't too costly.

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Well I could do anything with my BIONICLE, but his point is that I took out a BIONICLE piece from circulation. They'll never ever make it again.

Oh well, at least my MOC is nice smile


This is my porch:

And, this is me in my living room:


It's funny to see Reidak's head mounted on the wall like a game animal.


Looked like the "Hunter " (Tracer) has become the "Hunted".

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I for one think that Kretta did a good job on modifying the Piraka spine. It fits together perfectly with Vezon's head and cape.

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Thanks, you know, I added in a technic bar that way the spine can swivel along with his head, so his his head is less constricted than the original Piraka.

He still can't look up and down all that well though.

Pretty epic looking man smile the spine was worth the sacrifice


Really nice MOC, just one thing: why "Mlakk"?

Sounded fitting smiley

Good a reason as any.

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Why not Mlakk?

I was just wondering because "Mlakk" sounded a bit odd, * realized that sharing his opinion might offend somebody * but odd in a good way, of course.

Well I said that incase "Mlakk" had another real meaning and I wouldn't want it to offend anyone.

Random info: if you Type in google "What is Mlaak" it shows you wierd things... i guess

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