Custom Toa Lhikan

this is my custom Toa Lhikan his weapons aren’t yet finished and I know most of his gold spots on his armor will end up being prints


This looks comparably amazing.

Thanks :100:

That’s dope

Thanks :joy:

Oh no you are emojiman

The moc looks cool

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I don’t know if this should be in the Lego Creations category but the mask is fairly detailed.

I feel like this is it’s own toa

This is gonna look awesome when completed

What do you mean? this looks like Lhikan from the movie

Haven’t watched that in ages so… Sorry bout that.

This looks absolutely stunning. The custom parts really add a lot of charm to him.

Amazing job, man. The mask is just … oh it is just so great… I do not know what to say…


This is based off of legends of Metru Nui I’m assuming?

What are those parts made out of? Because they don’t look like Lego pieces.

Looks like clay to me. Still looks nice.

@jayzor17 It’s made of Clay

@PeppyBricks No not really it’s my own custom but it does take inspiration from legends of Metru Nui Tho

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That’s some pretty hardcore heresy you got there.
seriously though, awesome job

Well, it looks pretty cool. Nice job. I sometimes like to see stuff like this where people use actual parts as a frame, and make the rest completely custom.